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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Heroes Obsession Begins

Remember how I was with Allen & Ginter last month? Well, that's what you're going to get with American Heritage Heroes Edition until I complete the set. Luckily it's a small set. I have my want list typed up already, but I have a couple of new jumbo packs to mix in before I post it. Here's one of 'em, the others will be on the way soon. I'm not doing the whole "list every damn card out of the pack" thing right now and I may just quit cold turkey on that. I will show you the top 5 cards in the pack though. In this pack 5=7. If two plus two always makes five, then five can just as easily be seven. Oh, yeah, lots of references this post from obscure to mainstream.

Jimmy Stewart

This might be the Duke Ellington of this set. I haven't looked over a checklist yet, but it will be DAMN hard to top this card. Sheer awesomeness as evident by who he beat for #1 card in this pack. TR is up there with Yogi on my list of all time faves, but Stewart in uniform takes it. Here's my favorite scene from Harvey featuring some Jimmy wisdom.

Teddy Roosevelt

This is the card I drooled over when I first saw it online, but inexplicably it got beat. Topps has used this photo a little too much, I think. Now, if I can get a Chrome version of this card then I'll have a TR Finest Finest card. Now that would be slick. Here's a cartoon featuring Mr. Roosevelt from one of my favorite cartoonists. This toon is PG-13 rated but be careful if you wander around the archives. My favorite cartoon from that artist is absolutely filthy.

Erin Brockovich Chrome

My first Chrome, and it's a pretty cool one. I'm astounded by how much better the real life Erin looks than Julia Roberts does in that movie or otherwise. Ok, not that astounded.

Roy Campanella Heroes of Sport

Campy! This... was a kick ass pack. Here's Roy on What's My Line.

Ralph Ellison

Awesome writer who was just featured on an NPR story about writers who got their start in the WPA during the depression that was on the air this weekend on 90.1. If you even get some free time and want something good to read, check out Invisible Man. Very well written and eye-opening.

First American Spaceflight

My first space card from this set! I want the entire Space Heroes set so somebody out there trade 'em all to me. Plus, it's an excuse to link some Pixies.

Women's Suffrage Movement

Wooooo! Women who vote are SEX-AY. The fact she can play a mean horn is a bonus. I ain't posting anything about politics right now if I can help it so here's some female musicians who are awesome and probably voted at one time or another.

The Runaways

Delta 5
Ruth Underwood
Au Revior Simone
Siouxsie Sioux
Kim Deal oops, I mean Kim Deal
Ella Fitzgerald
Laurie Anderson
The Go-Go's
Missy Elliott
The Slits
Cibo Matto

And many more but it's getting late...


Hackenbush said...

Harvey is one of my and my wife's all-time favorites too. You may quote me. The cards look too enticing. Maybe I can sell some blood.

Tom the Ripper said...

you basically will get a base set per hobby box, the inserts and SP's are harder to come by

Dean said...

Very Nice Looking set. I love the Jimmy Stewart card.

Zpop said...

I'm going to build this set, so we should trade. I've only bought two jumbo packs so far, so I don't have much yet, but once I get more I'll develop a want list. I have the Apollo 13 card, which you'll want. The one insert I'm looking for is the Joshua Chamberlain Medal of Honor card. I'll be in touch. Thanks,