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Monday, October 19, 2009

Card of the Week - Lucky Jack

So, about a week and a half ago I was getting ready for work and I saw this sticker on the floor. I had gotten all my '82 Topps stickers together earlier that week and this one must have escaped. I picked it up, put it in my fold-up cell phone and forgot about it.
I had the best day at work ever that day. No crisis, it wasn't so busy that I couldn't think, I got a whole lot done and the sun was shining. When I walked out of the building that day and checked my cell was surprised to find Jack Clark. I almost left Jack at home that night but thought "If I leave Jack home and I have a bad day I'll get superstitious and blame it on Jack, which is stupid. I'll bring him to work tomorrow and have a crummy day and then bye bye to superstitious nonsense." I brought him to work several days after that and they were all very good days. Since Jack was about an eighth of an inch wider than my phone, he started to get a little beat up, but Jack's tough. He didn't mind. Then last Wednesday morning I left Jack at home.

Worst day ever. Everyone got chewed out at the office, two people were canned and all their work was dumped on the survivors. It rained. The weather turned cold. I started making dumb mistakes just due to panic from the shitstorm that welled up. I got home, saw Jack and decided that I would defy my superstitious urges once again. Thursday was colder. nastier and even more miserable at work with me screwing up again. I fully planned to bring Jack on Friday, but in my effort to get to work early I forgot. Another horrible day, another co-worker gone, and I once again fucked something up real bad. So, with Jack: three lovely days at work. Without Jack: unmitigated horrors. This weekend I did this:

Jack is now where he rightfully belongs. I can no longer rely on him for his magical powers however. Will today be dreadful? Wonderful? Will I be the next to get canned? I'll know by the time this is posted... So kids, what do you think? Is sticking Jack in his new album home going to doom me forever, or will my selfless act of allowing a poor weary sticker to finally return to his proper home be rewarded in the end?

(or has overly stressed Dayf finally flipped?)


Good day at work. No angry customers, no screwups, no yelling or crying, no one escorted out the door, no communist invasions, no alarms, no surprises, nice and quiet all around. HOWEVER. Now I'm superstitious that pasting a sticker in the album is the magic secret to workplace bliss. So until horror strikes again (or I get lazy and forget), you're going to see more stickers going in that album. I'm sure you're all devastated.


AdamE said...

I think I would have at least took the book with me...

Captain Canuck said...

Stickers belong in Sticker Books. Period.

but yeah, umm... maybe take the book along for some lunchtime reading or something. Can't be too careful.

SpastikMooss said...

what a saga...I hope you finally right-ed the universe, poltergeist style.

And that stevie wonder video has, since I found it 3 years ago, been one of the top ten videos of my life. So good.

Steve Gierman said...

All of the above?

Hopefully with Jack back where he belongs you can finally say, "This house is clean!"

dayf said...

Just in case someone reads this at some time in the future, four days after posting this, I was laid off from that crummy job. Within a month I was hired for the best job I've ever had. So yes, Jack was lucky after all.

And now you know... the REST of the story.

Good day!