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Friday, October 2, 2009


I finally found a post office on the way home from work that stays open late. So along with the packages I sent to Wax Heaven and Stats on the Back earlier this week using the automatic postage machine thingy I finally got out the ones for Dinged Corners (forgot the zip code) and Captain Canuck (no Canadian post at the machine) this evening. I don't think I made that postal worker happy when I had to fill out a customs form at 6:05. Now I can finally get out those packages for Todd and Matt and start getting things sent again. Sorry I've been slack the last few weeks but when you get a half hour for lunch and the closes posts offices are 15 minutes away it causes problems.

Tonight my goal is to get through all the e-mails that have come my way this week. I'll try to get the rest of 'em this weekend. Thanks for putting up with my crap for the past couple of months, maybe I'll be able to get back in the saddle in October.

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mmosley said...

I got my package of heritage A&G packs. Lots of holes filled. Thanks!