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Thursday, October 1, 2009

2010 Topps Preview

Ok, so I eat a lot of cereal.

I was going to post the entire 2002 Post Cereal set until I realized I was missing Edmonds and Radke. Here's three of the better ones instead, sill minty fresh in package.




And why not...

I'm not sure what the 2010 backs look like so don't get your hopes up for this stellar design. If you haven't seen the actual 2010 Topps design, root around the 0ther blogs a bit, you'll stumble on it. I got my idea for this post from Night Owl so check it out there.


McCann Can Triple said...

What is up with the holes in the cards?

Devon said...

How is seeing the 2002 cards, a preview of the 2010 set? I'm confused.

madding said...

I never understood what the deal was with the silver circles on the plastic wrappers.

Devon, go to http://nightowlcards.blogspot.com/

it should start to make more sense...

Chuck's Used Cards said...

the white circle are sticker dot on the celophane outside the package.

they are used for the machine process.

I might have the two cards you need in this set. Let me check.


Paul said...

I don't know how I missed this set back in the day. We eat a lot of cereal (3 kids and me). I have Post from 1992-94 and they suck. No logos, all air-brushed out (a preview of 2010 UD?).

Like the 2010 Topps design so far.