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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vintage card show this weekend

There's a vintage card show in Atlanta this weekend, I thought I'd pass along the details for anyone interested. I'm pretty sure this is from the guy I bought the '49 Leaf card and the '53 Topps World on Wheels cards from last year. I signed up for his mailing list, put down my e-mail only to save him a stamp and then he insisted I put my address down too. So, I got an e-mail advertising the show and then a day later got a little green postcard that I threw away. Guess which one I'm posting here?

Roger's 50th Atlanta Vintage Sportscard Show
Do not miss this great opportunity to fill your wantlists with vintage sportscards and publications (1887-1977) the old fashioned way. By shopping comfortably with access to the largest inventory of sports artifacts @ any Atlanta Showing.
Where: The Courtyard Hotel, I-75 and Delk Road, Marietta.
When: October 10-12. Saturday, 10am-7pm/Sunday+Monday 10am-5pm
Over 100 pre 1900 tobacco/1000 1909-1947 singles/ All conditions 1948-1975/Sets&Singles
Remember: ALWAYS BUYING. Fair, Friendly, CASH!!!
Roger Neufeldt, owner of Sports Memories (405) 823 9163 rjneufeldt@aol.com

If anyone goes, let me know how it went...


Anonymous said...

That is awesome, wish I could make it, but that's be a hell of a drive from California to Atlanta for that show.

I do find it pretty amusing that this guy is throwing a Vintage baseball card show and he still uses an AOL account for his e-mail. That speaks volumes.

BTW, Any interest in swapping Red Sox for Braves -- base, inserts, etc?

JD's Daddy said...

I get sad when I hear about all of these great card shows. Most seem to take place way out East. Its pretty quiet out here in Oregon.

bul2 said...

That's something I enjoy. I think that buying/trading/selling cards in open shows and flea markets is way underrated. Hopefully more opportunities like these will arise. If anybody can make it, post a few pics and comments right here.