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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stamp out Procrastination

Ok, so I've been slacking. I've got packages to send, Pirate card sets to put together. old cards to show off, sets to collate, e-mails to respond to, neat stuff to post. And I ain't done none of it. I didn't even post my happy birthday tribute to Margaret Thatcher yesterday. In my defense, between traffic, work, kids, studying and my required 5 hours of fitful sleep a night, there's not much time to blog. I'm not going two straight days without posting something so here's a stamp.

1962 Topps stamp of the best Milwaukee Braves catcher of all time, Del Crandall. These little stickies were inserted into Topps packs in panels of two players. You can see some of Del's panel partner on the right.This stamp has a little piece of a Clete Boyer or Ray Sadecki stamp. Bonus! This is my third stamp from the 200 player set and Del joins fellow Brave Roy McMillan and an off center Milwaukee Braves logo. I got this stamp this weekend from the same dealer I got the logo stamp from. I've got 15 more posts from that haul, I should be done with them by August, 2014. That might be the next time I buy cards again too the way things are going. Of course this stuff is apparently live, so it's not like I'm missing much.

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

Score! That stamp is awesome.