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Monday, October 5, 2009

Card of the Week - Bud Abbott

Yeah, It's time to bring back Card of the Week. I've been sort of informally doing them for a while now, but it's time to just do it officially. With links and everything. I'll do links later because Big Bang Theory is coming on and I ain't missing one second of Leonard having awkward sex with Penny. NOT ONE SECOND YOU HEAR ME. It's sad, this show is literally the highlight of my week, at least until Venture Brothers season four kicks off. Oh, yeah cards. Almost forgot.


Got this in my Atlanta Sports Card binge. I had a game plan going in and I followed it pretty closely. Get some stuff out of the 50 cent bin, find a couple of good dollar cards (found more than that - my only diversion from the plan), get an oldie out of the case, find a good dollar brick and get something cool out of the relic/auto binder. I actually found a Knucksie UD manupatch card in the case that caught my eye. It was pretty cool looking for a manufactured patch thing and I may go back for it one day. I was starting to wrap things up when I started looking through the binder as an afterthought. There was a whole lot of football and basketball relics (including a really nice looking hoops auto of no one in particular, but the card looked fantastic) but not much baseball. Nothing I wanted to spend money on anyway. Literally the very last baseball relic page I looked at in the binder had this card and I pyewped myself when I saw it. If you don't know what pyewp means, ask Thorzul, he'll be happy to demonstrate.

O bugger TBBT is on... be right back


Ok where was I... Oh yeah, Donruss Threads. When I first saw the sell sheet for that stuff the thing that caught my eye was the Abbott & Costello relics. I went a little loopy. I wanted those cards soooooooo bad. Heck, I've even made my own Bud Abbott card way back in 2007. I didn't think I'd find any though and even the normal cards were serial numbered to 500 so it's not like they would be easy to find. But, find one I did. In the cheapo binder book at ATLSC for three bucks.

Three bucks for Bud!


Hell I woulda paid five for the plain o' insert to be honest. I would have hesitated... but I woulda done it. But hell, I ended up with the relic (numbered 182/200 if anyone's keeping track of such things) for the price of a retail pack. Funny how things work out. The actual relic bit I guess is part of a tie. The star window is small, the cloth is in there pretty deep and I can't quite get my fat finger down there for a good feel of the material. It's red and sort of shiny so a tie is a good a guess as any. If you look closely on the points on the side, there are a couple of light spots on the cloth. These might be part of a design but they look like bleach damage to me. If you look at the card on the angle you can see more of the cloth underneath the cardboard and they look more blotchy than designy. Still, TWOCOLORELICMOJO. The back give this wonderfully detailed disclaimer, reprinted here especially for a reader in New Mexico who is fond of such things:

The enclosed piece of material was cut from an Item personally worn/used by Bud Abbott. The authentic personality worn /used item was obtained and is personally guaranteed by Donruss Playoff L.P.

The capital I In Item Is just as It Is on the card. This means something... Of course the worn/used bit is what really intrigues me. Maybe this is a hatnky and Donruss had to bleach out the snots? That would be a real shame, I'd love to have a Bud Abbott booger. That would have turned it into a DNA relic though and you can't get those in discount binders. Now I just need to turn my focus on finding that Lou Costello pants relic card. That will likely be much harder, everyone loves Lou. No one appreciates a really good straight man anymore.

Since it's October and I'm in a monsterous mood, I'll spare you all the Who's on First routine and instead link the trailer for Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein.

I have this DVD somewhere... I need to watch it again...


ManOfSteal said...

Awesome card! With my last name being Abbott, I've heard my share of "Heeyy Abbboottt" over the years. I've definitely got to track one of those down. You can't beat $3!

Fred said...

He was a genius and a great man.