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Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's all over

No more baseball for five months.

Yeah I know, playoffs.

Playoffs schmayoffs, I don't like any of the teams that made it. I'm basically rooting against the Yankees at this point which means they'll sweep every series.

And the damn Braves gave me hope, the dirty bums.

Way back here, I had given up on them after getting spanked in some series they should have won. After I posted that they go on a tear.

So then earlier this week, I show the slightest glimmer of excitement and... WHAMMMO 0-6. Swept by the Nats at home. argh

HOWEVER. It ain't so bad. The have a good core of players going into next season. The starting rotation is solid and they can survive a couple of arms blowing out. McCann, Prado, Escobar and McLouth is pretty decent group up the middle. Heyward is a beast and might be a starter by the 2010 All-Star game. So, it ain't so bad. I just need to somehow make it through the next five months.

In the spirit of thinking positive, here are five things I found online today that made me happy.

We're not the only ones out there homebrewing odd trading cards! The horror...

This is some serious vintage eye candy right here. I stumbled on this page looking for some images to swipe for my project for Thorzul's contest.

This blog might be the best thing I've seen all year. I could spend days going through the archives. There is the occasional picture of a girl in a bikini, a pulp cover or Clint Eastwood beefcake, so be mindful of that if you look at it at work and your boss is a fink.

Anyone know what this is? At first glance I thought it was a blogspammer leeching our posts to make ad revenue, but I don't see a single ad on the site. I saw a link to my site on there and became filled with sinful pride. It felt good.

At least I have something to keep my mind off my troubles through the end of the month. It's October! That means scary movie time! You know, I've never seen Lost Highway. Or Mulholland Drive for that matter. Maybe it's time to have me a Lynch-O-Thon. What skeery movie will you be watching this All-Hallow's Eve?


yudts5 said...

nice blog. You could root for the Phillies!!

I have question - I'm trying to find checklists for vintage topps series (68, 69, 70 and eventually 65 and earlier). I want the # followed by the name of the player - like you have on your wantlists. I copied a bunch off of Dean's Cards a few years ago, but they no longer have them all posted. I sent them a note asking for them, but thought I'd ask you if you know where I can get these set checklists.

thanks for the help. I'll try and see if I can help with some of your wants...


MattR said...

Matt --

You could try Zistle. I think the pre-1990 checklists are complete.

James B. Anama said...

Regarding that baseballcardsblog.org site, I thought the same thing about that too when I first stumbled upon it months ago. It looks like a Wordpress thing because all blogpost blogs only get a title link, while Wordpress blogs get a brief excerpt. I also thought it was a Tuff Stuff project because it seems that ALL of their blogs get full coverage.

If you want to complain about a site that blogspams, try Sculu.com. They have mine and a bunch of others on there. I would complain...but I need the readers.


JayBee Anama

White Sox Cards said...

You've never seen Lost Highway??!!

It will take more than one viewing and you will never think of Richard Pryor in the same way again.

dayf said...

Yut - no time now, but I'll try to find some tonight.

Steve - yeah, I know... I was a huge Lynch freak in college and had every episode of Twin Peaks on tape at one time and I've never seen it. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I didn't even know Pryor was in the thing until recently.

deal said...

yudts5 this is where I go for my pre 1980 check lists:


dayf said...


Do a search for each set you're looking for:

"1968 Topps checklist"

found me this:


which is actually the Dean's Card's checklist.

Chris Stufflestreet has some fantastic old school checklists if they geocities site hasn't gone missing...

yudts5 said...

thanks for the help.

looks like 'www.19xxtopps.net' gives you everything I was looking for!