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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Five cool cards from American Heritage

These are refugees from pack rips I was going to do but never did. These are definitely worth posting.

Carl Sagan

I'll have to wait until I get the base set completely finished off, but like Duke Ellington from the first series, this is likely my favorite base card from the set. I have a tape full of Cosmos episodes from a Science Channel marathon that I need to rewatch one of these days.

Babe Ruth

The Carl Sagan of baseball. It just occurred to me that Topps must not have wanted to pony up some extra licencing money because all the sports figures I've pulled are logoless. It works very well in the context of this set. Upper Deck should be watching closely.

Fred Rogers

I'll admit right now, that I was more of a Sesame Street youth myself, those king and queen puppets kinda freaked me out. Mr. Rogers is still a pretty fantastic guy and a great American.

George Mason

Speaking of great Americans, this guy refused to sign the Constitution because it didn't have a Bill of Rights. Nothing more needs to be said.

Medgar Evers

I just think it's cool that Medgar Evers has his own trading card. Maybe it will prompt a couple of collectors to learn a little more about him.


Andy said...

Perhaps it will, Mr. High and Mighty.

Hackenbush said...

I have most if not all of Carl Sagan's books. Miss him. Nice choices!

Rod said...

I have a bunch of singles from the set and the inserts, let me know what you need. here is what I have, except I need to update the MOH cardshttp://padrographs.blogspot.com/2009/09/american-heritage-heroes-edition.html

MattR said...

Carl Sagan is one of my heroes. I need to get a hold of one of those cards.

dayf said...

High and mighty? Like King Kong smoking weed? I'll have you know I am clean and sober and only a moderately ape-like.

Andy said...

I just think you should write a little essay on the top you want us all to be motivated to learn about.

Sort of like how I did right here.

dayf said...

Well, I would have liked to write an essay, but unfortunately with my work/kids/class/commute schedule I don't have the time to do so right now.


Paul P said...

That ain't the George Mason from 24 ;)