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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twinkies vs. Kittehs


High Unemployment Kittehs


Frozen North Snack Cakes

Who will win?

I didn't care until I realized that both these teams had the same record as my 3rd place Braves so it gave me a fleeting fuzzy feeling that the Braves were good enough this year to make the playoffs.

Then I realized that the game counts as a regular season game so the winner will have one more victory than the Braves and I got apathetic again.

Oh well, let the games begin...


SIXTYfeetSIXinches said...

If the Braves find a way to keep LaRoche, they will find themselves back in the playoffs next year. If, if, if, if...

MattR said...

Hmmm--LOLTwinkies -- I wonder if it would catch on.

deal said...

This game is going to still being played when the ALDS starts tomorrow.