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Monday, October 26, 2009

More A&G box toppers from the 50 cent bin

Aw crumbs. It just occurred to me that Atlanta Sports Cards is now completely out of my way once again. No worries, I'm broke as hail anyways. Last time I was there I hit the 50 cent box pretty hard and found more A&G box toppers. These things must not be that popular anymore because I keep seeing 'em cheap.

Shady Grady

Grady Sizemore had kind of a crummy season, but he was hurt all year so we'll cut him some slack. Maybe his elbow problems came from swinging all those bats at the same time. Look at him eying that fourth bat. Man, he wants to swing that bat. Stop it Grady! You need to rest up for the '10 season!Am I the only one referring to next year as oh-10? It actually fits, but seems weird to me.

BJ's Bro

Justin officially passed his brother as the best Upton in the bigs this year. Hitting .300 with 26 homers and 20 swipes will do that. He's only 21 years old too... All you rotisserie geeks out there are just droooling to take him in the first round next year aren't ya. Don't play it off like you're going after Pujols or A-Rod, you are all hoping and praying to get a low pick in the first round so you can grab Justin and show off your baseball genius.

What the Halladay are the Blue Jays thinking?

Seriously, why would anyone want to trade this guy... If I were the Jays I'd kidnap his family and threaten to feed them all to a rabid moose unless he signed a 90-year extension. Zach Greinke, King Felix and Capn' Cheezburger all pitched like they were possessed with the Ghost of Christy Mathewson this year and Halladay is still a legit Cy Young candiate even after all the mess he had to put up with all season. Man, if he played in New York, he's be the biggest pitcher synce Ryan. Of course if he played in New York we'd all hate him like cancer, but that's not the point.

I also got an unopened cabinet card. Why haven't I opened it yet? Well, the wrapper is see-through for one thing. Just been too lazy for another. Here's a hint on which one it is: This one would make a few of my neighbors weep bitter tears. If there's an outcry for me to open it, I might post on one of the Pack rip sites, but I might just stay lazy. I mean... busy with other stuff. 'Cause I'm working on other important stuff right now really I am. This post notwithstanding.


madding said...

I got a few of those from a contest and I have no idea how to store them. I mostly just got it because Pujols was included. Oversized cards have frustrated me ever since I was a kid because I could never keep them in decent shape for more than like 3 minutes.

Kelly said...

Any fantasy baseball GM worth their Yahoo! virtual trophies wouldn't take an outfielder in the first round! :)

Sharpe said...

You trying to put together most of the box toppers? I've got a Hamilton laying around if you're interested.

Bay Rat North West said...

Is that the George Washington Signers card?

Brian said...

I don't have any of those big A&G cards. I'd love to find a 50 cent bin!