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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So, did it work?

I mentioned that I was going to get superstitious and try sticking a sticker into its album every morning in order to ward off evil work spirits. Let's see how we did, shall we?



So, did it work? Does superstition pay? Will album stickers become the new Boggs chicken dinner? Well, here is an artistic representation of work yesterday:


So, uh, yeah. Didn't work. Not even slightly. Superstitions ain't real, kids, put down the horsey shooz and rabbits feets and believe in Science instead. On an up note, a conversation at my place of employment tipped me off that a colleague or two just might possibly be a reader of this here blog! So, as of this moment I SHALL NEVER SPEAK OF WORK AGAIN. Not even a little bit.

I'll still show the stickahs though.


Collective Troll said...

Its an awesome and frightening thing when you realize that your co-workers or boss reads your blog... Its a compliment, but it makes you wonder how often and how long they have been reading it, how much they pay attention and if they realize who "the a-hole boss" is that you write about...

Mad Guru said...

I think it was the power of Jack Clark and not the power of the sticker that was driving your good fortune. Find yourself a nice 1980 Topps of old Jack (I would bet money (but only if in possession of a Jack Clark card) that it has to be a San Francisco Jack Clark) and you'll be back in Fortune's good grace.

dayf said...

Troll: For the record, I don't know for sure if anyone is reading or not, it's just that I had an interesting conversation recently, the timing of which intrigued me. I'm of the opinion that monitoring employees' facetweet pages is standard operating procedure nowadays so I don't mind. I'm just not going to discuss anything remotely related to work here again.

Guru: Just found a spare 1982 Topps Clark (Giants) which is going in my wallet. We'll see how that goes.