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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodwin Threes - Short Prints?

I didn't know about the short prints in Goodwin Champions until I saw Stale Gum's DC box break and review. Well, I sort of knew about them on a base instinctual level since Upper Deck can't figure out how to properly do a retro set to save their license, But I didn't know the details.


150 card base set. #1-150 (duh)

40 short prints #151-190 (ok, not too bad)

20 John Stockton short prints #191-210 (the fuuuuuu?)

42 Mini exclusive short prints #211-252 (Douglas Adams is apparently a subject)


252 card total master set.

At 5 cards a pack, 4 if you're poor and have to shoplift buy retail.

Oh, and Topps206, the retro set that originally defined retro sets returns soon.

Go at it, set collectors! I can't wait for the half-off Goodwin blasters next year.

Oh well, at least now that I know which ones they are, I can show off the short prints I have.

Kelly Shoppach SP

I haven't seen the actual checklist, but it looks like a lot of semistars made the short print and exclusive list. I can't wait to see a Jair Jurrjens Goodwin card in a case with a $4 price tag on it.

Wells & Santana Mini exclusive SP

See? More guys that only a team collector could love. Or someone with a mini card fetish. Like me.

Jacoby Ellsbury mini exclusive Gypsy Queen

Why the hell did Upper Deck screw up their Ad Back parallels with a black border? They need to hire a collector as a consultant to tell them not to do these things. Unless I decide in a fit of madness to collect the entire mini set (it could happen) this one might be going across the pond eventually.


Chris Harris said...

Why don't you send them a resume?

19dan19 said...

hey man i love your blog can you follow me if i follow you? My blog is unknown and it would help a little if you followed -thanks dan

dayf said...

DAMMIT. I thought for sure I had saved that link to the Goodwin break.

Chris: Why not? It wouldn't be the first resume I've had placed into into the circular file this year.

19dan19: Your blog is unknown to me as well. Link, please.

JD's Daddy said...

Hey, I am one of those hopeless set collectors. I can send you a Brian McCann mini for that Ervin santana exclusive.