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Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 in 30 - Five Dollar Binder

Every so often Atlanta Sports cards sells binders full of sheets and cards for five bucks that were likely picked up in a large collection purchase. This is just fine and dandy as I am constantly on the lookout for cheap binders and pages. The actual cards are an afterthought with me. Last time I went to ASC on my lunch break (a couple of weeks ago now, I'm really behind in everything) they had a few and I found a doozy. Normally they are filled up with random junk commons or a crummy football or basketball set from 1992, but I found one with about 8 sheets 2/3 filled with vintage commons from 1972 and 1974. They were selling similar cards in their quarter box so the '74s alone would have cost more than the rest of the binder. There was a lot of neat stuff in there actually, some football, some junk wax star cards, a bunch of hockey and even some golf and Desert Storm cards. Here's 6 in 30 to memorialize the binder before it gets cannibalized for my Obak set and Yo Momma cards.

1974 Topps Rookie Infielders

There were a bunch of neat early '70s cards including a couple of Braves and a Frank Tanana rookie, but I didn't even notice this Frank White rookie until my final flip through the binder.

1974-75 O-Pee-Chee WHA Checklist

I've never even seen a WHA hockey card, but there were two of the checklists in the binder. This one is kind of jacked up with the wax stain and the diamond cut, but the other one is GEM MINT baby. I wish I had some WHA cards so I could check it off.

1986 Topps Dave Winfield All-Star

Ever since I got that '76 Winfield from Troll, I've been mildly obsessed with Dave to the point where I've been making a point of checking for his rookie when I hit a card shop. I almost bought a '75 mini Winfield at the flea market last weekend but there was a bad ding on the left side and the guy was talking about book value the whole time I was there.

1987 Phil Niekro

This was the very last card I needed to finish my '87 Topps set. I already had about a half dozen of 'em but they were in my Braves collection (Knucksie is ALWAYS a Brave, regardless of uniform) and not in my set. Silly, no?

1990-91 Topps Doug Gilmour

One of my favorite all-time SportsCenter commercials is where Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick are talking about tough guys in sports while applying makeup in the restroom. "Mark Messier's tough... Doug Gilmour's tough..." This card reminded me of how nice this set is. Maybe I should drag it out of mothballs and see if I can finish the thing.

Topps Desert Storm Canada Sticker

The Desert Storm cards more than anything else dates this binder to about 1991. Only then would people actually put these things in pages. Among the numerous cards of tanks and planes, I got a General Stormin' Norman and a few flags. After pondering deeply (well not too deeply, there was a time limit here) I went with the flag. Gotta love the Leaf.


Captain Canuck said...

ummm.. if you grow tired of old, useless hockey checklists.... send 'em north.

Sal said...

Let me know what 1990-91 Topps Hockey cards you need. I have about 1,000 duplicates, and could probably help you finish off your set.

ernest of canada said...

what canuck and sal said...except my 1990-91's would be the opc equivalent.