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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bip or No Bip - Heartbroken

Finally the Bip or No Bip Finale. I didn't get Bipped in the mail today for once. That left me time to ponder just what the heck Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius was trying to do with his mondo giganto package. Did I get Bipped? Your guess is as good as mine! Here's the damage:

Here's the card on top, a 2004 Bowman Heritage card of Russ Ortiz. Back in 1955 Bowman made cards that look like television sets, now in 2010 television sets are as thin as cards. Still no rocketcars though.

Random junkwax commons, AKA Bip insulation. Matt has Bipped before, I'm sure he shall again...

A bevy of Belliards. I honestly would not mind a Belliard Bip.

Aaaaah, it's a Bipper, IT'S A BIPPER -  no wait, there's only three. A minibip. But wait!

Aaaaaah I got Tucker'd! No - dammit, three again! What the hell is Matt doing to me?! Get it over with, man! Don't taunt your prey!

Nifty! four Bowman Heritage mini cards. I love this mini set. The Big set, uuuuhhhh - kinda Ugly. What's really odd here is that all four of these guys were young upcoming stars on the braves when this set came out and now all four are off the team, with three of them clinging to the league by an infected hangnail. Oh fickle fate...

Here's some Goudeys. If Upper Deck doesn't make it, every year on the release date of 2007 Goudey I shall dress up in a bootleg unlicensed MLB jersey  and place a single red rose and a shredded pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards on UD's grave

Aaaaand here's some more crap. No offense intended. This is crap and we all know it's crap. Crap can be fun too. Wait! What is this? COULD IT BE?



Quit messing with me Matt! I'm getting bluebips here! My paranoia combined with Heartbreaking insanity has my mind all messed up. I got minibipped again too:

Three Garbers. There's a few pairs of '86s too. So how the heck to classify this?

The Verdict:


I got three threes of a kind, but no straight Bip. There were several more bricks of cards in the box Matt sent so I examined them for a pattern and found this:

Three Boevers,

Terry Trio,

A UK Zane minibip,

and tres Olivas.

You know what I think? I think Matt wanted to take me out with a deer slug but didn't have the ammo so he Cheneyed me with birdshot instead. How else do you explain seven mini three card Bips in one package? However, there is Hanon's Razor to consider. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"






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steveisjewish said...

can you blame a guy for wanting to get all those dirty braves out of his house?