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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another non-Bip

Although I wouldn't blame Mark from Stats on the Back for Bipping me. I did a bad thing. I'll let Mark tell you about that though.

We did make an actual trade, Cards for Parker's Birth Year Set for this lil' beauty:

Do I need any more Turkey Red cards after this? Probably not, but I'll get 'em anyway. Mark is known for sending really weird and esoteric schtuff too (I still have an oddball box that he sent me last year that I'm trying to figure out how to display properly) and included in the package was this:

That there is a 1972 Atlanta All-Star Game decal. I have no clue where he found the thing but it goes nicely with my All-Star pennant and program. I'll have to quit throwing '69 NLCS programs into bonfires and send one Mark's way one of these days. Always Earth friendly, Mark's package had this on it:

Recycle kiddos! Especially when the address label is really cool! You all should recognize that if you've been keeping up with the blogs in the sidebar. I said I'm only posting one card from non-Bipping packages (Hanson was the reason for the trade so that doesn't count) and I'm going to keep doing that. I couldn't decide between an oddball Chipper Jones and a cool Mark Lemke though. As always, I am the master of compromise:


PunkRockPaint said...

That address label is cool! Where did it come from???

mmosley said...

I finally understand the reason for the coinless holes in those cards. Who knew Mark Lemke lived there!

Anonymous said...

Sir Dayf you won homie please email me your address that way i can get it in the mail by the weekend... thanks!