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Monday, February 15, 2010

Yo Momma Code Cards Redeemed Live

I'm home from work, I've had a chance to wind down, I've gotten dinner and www.toppscards.com seems to be running a tiny bit faster now. It's time to redeem some codes. I'm going to redeem six of 'em here live, one of each player I've gotten so far. I have to say that today actually went pretty well considering. Ok, they were late and once they got it online we were all in such a code redeeming frenzy that we stress tested the living crap out of those servers, but hey, it's still up and the cards being redeemed are actually kind of good! I must admit my pessimistic ass is pleasantly surprised. Now let's redeem some codes...

Here are the first three I got:

Time for 6 more. I'm going to keep three codes in my back pocket for later redeeming. I don't want to end up signing up for Toppstown just because I went on a redeeming bender and had no other codes to redeem.  Predictions were originally posted here. Code redeeming starts at 9:15 EST.

TMC-2 1978 Topps Gary Carter


Prediction: 1988 Checklist 397-528 (Shawn Hillegas version)

Actual: 1988 Ellis Burks

I got the year right!

TMC-3 1963 Topps Bob Gibson


Prediction: 1990 Traded Dave Parker

Actual: 2003 Hideki Irabu

Oh... Oh God... The pain.....  Took me three tries to get this too...

Oh well, I knew the risks coming into this. Onward and upward!

TMC-5 1969 Mickey Mantle


Prediction: 1989 Topps Terry McGriff

Actual: 1976 Leron Lee


Awww yeah. '70s goodness. It's a double though (called it!) So Night Owl has a chance to trade me something for it. Oh wait, no he doesn't. Poor, poor Night Owl.

TMC-7 1963 Topps Roger Maris


Prediction: 1994 Matt Farmer draft pick

Actual: 1982 Lou Piniella

Yankee gets a Yankee. It's a big name at least.

TMC-8 1974 Topps Thurman Munson


Prediction: 1993  Mike Perez

Actual: 2005 Brian Jordan

Yeah! A Brave! Kickass! Ok, one more for tonight...

TMC-9 1985 Mike Schmidt


Prediction: 1979 Topps Bobby Castillo RC

Actual: 2001 Wendell Magee Jr.

Oof. That's a tough one to end the night on. Anyone want to see one more?

Ok, I had to do one more in honor of the fact that a trading partner e-mailed me to let me know that one of his code cards netted him the legendary 1987 Bip Roberts. I should be so lucky.

Gary Carter card


Prediction: 1980 Lee Mazilli

Actual: 1987 George Brett

Not bad, I was hoping for something a little more moldy however. Check out this blog list from the sidebar:

Looks like Topps was the big winner today, eh?


madding said...

I got this somehow. I never saw it pop up... eventually entered the stupid code so many times that it finally must have gone through because I got an error saying it had already been used.


I really hope this is a real card and I don't end up bait-and-switched with a 1989 Jody Reed card or the Jeff Clement redemption autograph that my girlfriend has been waiting on for over a year now.

night owl said...

I'm actually starting to take a certain amount of pride in getting the absolute worst redemptions out of this whole thing.

I think I've got three of that Leron Lee card.

dayf said...

If it's in your My Collection page, you got it. I've seen several autos today, that's pretty cool.

No one's going to tempt me to redeem just one more wayfair theen card?

madding said...

I want to see as many of these as possible! Eventually, someone is going to want to trade for my Roy Smith 1991 Topps card, right?

Scott Crawford said...

Ha, I actually got the '93 Mike Perez today. Anyone want it?

Play at the Plate said...

Bravo for being able to save some for later. I couldn't enter my 13 fast enough.

Scott Crawford said...

Also: was it wrong of me to offer the '93 Mike Perez in trade to the person who got the '52 Jackie Robinson?