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Friday, February 19, 2010

You're killing me, Upper Deck

I'm already code-crazed enough that I may not buy anything else besides base Topps all year (at least until Allen & Ginter comes out). However, I also fear a Monopoly, so I really want to support Upper Deck somehow to keep them afloat until the Bad Times pass.

But then Upper Deck went and did this.

Well, I can pretty much guarantee you that I have bought my last pack of Upper Deck from Wal-Mart. Someone needs to tell Upper Deck that this is no longer 2008 and we've all moved on from the political cards. Not that the card in question has anything to do with politics whatsoever, more of a reality TV freakshow, but you know what I mean.

On the bright side, in the small sample size of UD packs I've bought, the Hobby packs seem to be far superior to the retail anyway. Plus there's always Goudey...

C'mon Upper Deck, don't do this to me... You're better than that. You gave me an alien with a "We're #1" foam hand card last year, I still believe in you.

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Matt said...

I think I'm done with UD's base set, based on the admittedly small sample size I've encountered. I purchased my second pack of Series 1 today, since my Target was sold out of Topps in every form except blasters, and all I can say about the cards is...uukkk.