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Friday, February 26, 2010

Quarter Box Bounty - Part 7 A&G Mini Inserts

We have reached the end of our quarter box journey. I've saved the best for last: Allen & Ginter mini inserts. I found three National Heroes and two Hoaxers Bamboozlers and All -Around Bullshitters cards. I knew I had at least a couple of these, but I got 'em anyway. Maybe someone out there will need 'em.

Ethiopia Hero Haile Selassie

Jamaica Hero Marcus Garvey

Both of these dudes are big in the Rastafarian movement. Haile Selassie is really REALLY big in the Rastafarian movement. You know who else is big in the Rastafarian movement?

Yeaaaaaaah Peter Tosh. Peter needs a card too.

Iceland Hero Jon Sigurosson

This guy's like, George Washington of Iceland or something. It's Friday night. You don't need history lessons, you need music.

Hoax - Millard Fillmore bought a bathtub and Taft was too fat for it

H.L. Mencken, you big kidder.

The Cardiff Giant

Pretty much everybody involved with this mess was a big kidder.

One more song for a Friday night. Not from Cardiff, Might be Giants.


Anonymous said...

I'm obligated to post a comment, otherwise you might think that including TMBG videos was a waste of time. No, it's not.

PunkRockPaint said...

I concur. One of my top ten favorite songs. Thanks!

Thorzul said...

My favorite backdrops are the (Devil) Rays ones used from, like, 2007 to 2009. I call it the Dagobah series.

Also, good call on the Sigur Ros.