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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trade with Ben Henry - the Oldening

I didn't just get the super sweet Capn' Murica card from Ben when I traded him a whole flopload of Fleer Williams cards. He also sent a decent sized package of oldy moldy Bravos. Let us take a look at them!

1961 Topps Charlie Lau

Well, here's this year's Heritage set. I don't think Topps got a better mug shot in the new set than they got with Charlie here. This card should be hung up in a post office. I have this card already, but it might be an upgrade even with the massive wax stain across Lau's face. . Truth be told, all of these Braves cards except one I already had.

1960 Topps Chuck Dressen

If this isn't an upgrade (It's a very nice looking card) it will fit nicely in my 1960 Topps set. Yes, I'm building the 1960 Topps set now. I haven't gotten to that post yet even though I should have done it weeks ago. It'll get done. One weird thing about this card: for some reason my eyes do funky things when they see red next to blue. I see this optical illusion where the red letters look like they are about a millimeter higher than the blue letters. So the name on this card looks to me like the letters are zigzagging up an down. If I put the edge of another card up against the letters they are perfectly straight. Is there a name for this or am I just odd/insane?

1963 Topps Toe Torre

Now if I could only find that damn Bob Uecker. You'd think the guy was Roy Campanella with what his cards go for.

1964 Topps Milwaukee Braves

Vintage team cards are always welcome.

1967 Topps Clete Boyer

One of the all-time great defensemen at the hot corner. He didn't hit all that great but had a career year in '67, his first with Atlanta. He does look a little stunned to be going from the Yankees to the Braves, but here's a little tidbit for you to chew on: The Braves made the playoffs after Clete joined them, the Yanks wouldn't be back for a decade.

1969 Topps Milt Pappas

I keep forgetting Milt played for the Bravos. I hear Milt Pappas, I think Orioles. That's just how my brain works. Milt's name was originally Miltiades Stergios Papastergios. He shoulda kept the original name! That name kicks ass!

1954 Bowman Eddie Mathews

Gem Tipton 11

All the other doubles I got from Ben I would be willing to trade if I could fill some holes in my Braves team sets. This one here is going nowhere. I am sorely tempted to send it back to Ben with a sharpie so he can autograph it.

1971-72 Topps Bill Bridges

I will take any vintage basketball card from any set, of any player, in any condition, at any time. The funky team name font and hideous blue and chartreuse Hawks uni is just a bonus. Vintage basketball means anything from 1987 or earlier. Send me any more Hopps cards and I'll Bip you like nobody's business.

1970 Topps Braves Rookie Stars

Darrell Evans rookie card! Howcome no one remembers how good a player Darrell Evans was anymore. Darrell deserves better. Evans played about 47 years in the bigs, Mike McQueen and Rick Kester totaled less than a hundred games combined.

1961 Topps Don McMahon

This one is definitely an upgrade over whatever is in my Braves binder. This is easily the best looking card condition wise of the bunch. Well, other than the '54 Eddie. I think I'm going to keep this one out until I pick up a few packs of 2010 Heritage so I can compare how the new set measures up to the old.

1961 Topps Felix Mantilla

This one would be almost as nice as the McMahon if not for a trashed lower right corner. The three good corners are actually sharper. '61 Topps is one of those sets I never cared for as a kid, but I'm warming up to it. There's a nice simplicity there. It's a really easy set to create custom cards with the design, that's for sure!

I think I got a pretty good haul in exchange for a felon, skipper Joe and a few Teds. But wait there's more! That will have to wait for another post....


madding said...

My eyes do that weird thing, too. I've also been told I'm red/green colorblind, but I don't really understand it because I don't exactly have any problems identifying either color.

Captain Canuck said...


one of these days I'll email you my vintage Braves dupes list and see if you need any of them...

same goes for Chippah too....

night owl said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about. The letters look fine to me.

However, my eyes look at that Milwaukee Braves team card and see a team that has been zapped down to lilliputian size, apparently by the blinding yellow heat of an off camera atomic ray gun.

Anonymous said...

My eyes do that with the red & blue too. Makes my brain feel weird. :d