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Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 Heritage racks are haunting Targets

I actually went hoping to find a blaster, but these Rack Packs were there instead. No normal packs. just the Racks. Odd, I thought.

I was somewhat peeved to see there were only 14 cards in the rack. I was almost certain there were 15 or 16 last year. This means for pure card bulk, blasters are the way to go. Here's the breakdown of packs/cards/$$$ if you're interested.

7 retail packs - 56 cards - $21+tax
4 Racks - 56 cards - $20+tax
1 blaster - 8 packs - 64 cards - $20+tax

This is assuming that Topps doesn't pull some shenanigans like putting 7 packs plus some ManuPatchFractor Ruth card in the blaster instead of 8 packs.

I got four packs. Two at one Target, two at another. Both times I actually had a legitimate reason for going and wasn't just scrounging for cards. That is, if you consider soap and diapers legitimate. I'm going to show off the four best cards from each of the four packs just because I'm in a four kind of mood. Here's pack one, in order of coolness.

Ryan Howard

The cover model. I'd really like the Phillies if they weren't beating the hell out of my Braves all the time.

Melky Cabrera

Everyone in Atlanta is all like GRAAAAR idiot Frank Wren traded Javy Vazquez for Melky Cabrera. No he didn't. HE traded Javy for Melky, a relief pitcher, the Yankees' best pitching prospect AND enough payroll room to sign Tim Hudson for three more years. Melky ain't a bad player either, he'll do well in his platoon role with Diaz. What I'm tring to say is I got his card in an airbrushed Braves uni and I'm happy about this.

Then & Now Luis Aparicio & Jacoby Ellsbury

A pair of mismatched Sox here. Not totally random though, they both led baseball in stolen bases in their respective year. Historically speaking, throughout the entire Topps Heritage run this is my favorite insert set. Not a bad design this year either.

Shane Victorino All Star SP

Why do I like Shane Victorino? He tried to murder Brian McCann for Pete's sake, normally I'd swear eternal revenge on someone for doing that. I dunno, I guess it's because the guy has impressed me the way he absolutely ruins the Braves every time they face off. I had a Phillies bonanza tosay too, 7 of 56 cards had a Phil on it.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I hope my Target has some tommorrow...

White Sox Cards said...

I picked up three rack packs from a Target yesterday. Yes, I was scrounging. I had a good excuse though. I had to put some miles on my car after repairs and before I went through emissions. So, I hunted every Target & some Wal-Marts for any sign of Heritage. When I was about to give up, there they were.

NMCLax24 said...

Melky looked much better in a Yankee uni. I was devastated to see him traded. The yanks don't seem to understand that you dont need a superstar at every position in order to win. Melky was a solid outfielder with decent numbers at the plate and was a HUGE part of the team's chemistry that worked so well last year and now he's gone. Never mind that they traded him for a pitcher who has already failed once as a Yankee. I hate to say it, but I'm am very close to picketing my Yankee colors. I want a TEAM not a gathering of overpaid suerstars; when will Yankee management get that through there thick greedy skulls?

madding said...

All I know is that the pack wrapper is really strange. They don't usually stray far from the original design, but they did there.