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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A not so easy Bip

Steve from The Easy Life sent me a package.

Oh @#$%. Well, I was the one who ignored the cease fire. Let's open 'er up.

Nothing good can come of this. Let's see what sort of Bippery Steve inflicted upon me.

1987 Topps Bips

4 leaders
5 Garber
5 Deadmon
3 Acker
4 McMurtry
4 Palmer
3 Oberkfell
3 Griffey
5 Hubbard
5 Chambliss
3 Mahler
4 Murphy
3 Simmons
5 Smith
4 Sample
3 Assenmacher
3 Moreno

1992 Upper Deck'd

5 Mercker
3 Berenguer
3 Bream
3 Pendleton
3 Nixon
3 Smith
3 Wohlers
3 Stanton
4 Belliard
3 Pena
3 Treadway

Random Early '90s Junked

1991 Donruss:
3 Smith
3 Grant

1991 Fleer:
3 Avery
3 Blauser
3 Smith
3 Rosario
4 Presley

1991 Score:
3 Vatcher
6 Treadway

1992 Score
3 Treadway
3 Belliard
6 Bream
3 Willard
7 Bell
6 The man himself, Bip Roberts.

But wait, you have yet to see The Grand Finale:

1992 Topps Bipmas Tree

8 Pete Smith
10 Brian Hunter
9 Steve Avery
5 Keith Mitchell
4 Jeff Blauser
13 Charlie Leibrandt
6 Armando Reynoso
5 John "I'm Not Really Retired Yet, No Really" Smoltz
8 Jim Clancy
7 Mike Heath
12 Lonnie Smith
8 Tom Glavine All Star
9 Rafael Belliard
5 Alejandro Pena
9 David Justice
7 Damon Berryhill
8 Greg Olson
4 Mike Bielecki
3 Terry Pendleton
3 Jeff Treadway
8 Marvin Freeman
7 Ron Gant
9 Mark Alan Lemke
and the star on Topps:
10 Bip Roberts

Well that was a particularly nasty Bipping, but I'm tough, I can take it.

There was a couple of extras in there so soften the blow.

Matt Diaz Gold card, Chipper jones Bowman Blue (shown in a previous post) McCann expired ToppsTown Code (not that I'd redeem it) a Chipper for my '92 Topps team set, a plastic case and a Deck Protector box for Magic cards. But wait, do I hear rattling around in that Deck Box? Did I get Pokemon'd as well?

Huh, there's something in there...

Upper Deck Team USA AutoGamer Mike Minor! Braves' 2009 #1 Draft pick! Sweeeeet! Oh hey, what's this...

Huh, some music too... Let's check it out.

22 tracks of Margarita Madness. What the smeg is that. Let's have a listen!

(click for teh horror)




Don't mess with Steve, people. Ever. He don't play.


BA Benny said...

That was just plain old cold bip stuff!! The bipmas tree was creative though.

SpastikMooss said...

lol an audio bip? That's amazing.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

That was sweet.