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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tournament of Gimmicks - Olbermann Region Round Two

Round two is upon us. Be sure to vote in the BergerBurdick and Beckett brackets.

Game #1

1) 2008 Topps #661 Johan Santana "No-Hitter"

The 2008 Set Killer completely rolled over John Littlefield as expected. How many of you had even heard of that card before anyway?


8) 2005-08 Topps Barry Bonds Home Run History

Ok, so I screwed up last time and said the Mickey Mantle cards pre-dated the Bonds atrocities. Can you blame me for purging this set from my mind?

Game #2

2) 2008 Upper Deck Documentary

Yep, I'm recycling the images because I'm lazy. I've got a pack of this crap around somewhere but I don't have a clue where the hell it is.


10) 2007 Topps Generation Now

The only positive thing I have to say about this set is that its extreme awfulness seemed to shock Topps out of the mirror mentality they were stuck in. Now they're in earth friendly recycle mode.

Game #3

3) 2009 Topps Heritage #83 Derek Jeter "Red Sox"

I don't really have anything more to say about this card so I'll just say this: Why the hell is is so difficult to create a Blogger post in Chrome when they are both part of Google?? Seriously, I've had root canals less painful than trying to copy and paste a dang image in Chrome.

Eh, it's still less crashy than Firefox lately.


6) 2008 Upper Deck Presidential Predictors #PP7 Hillary Clinton (Morgana)

I'm gonna come right out and say it now, Hillgana is my pick to make the Final Four. This is such a perfect friggin card (epic badonkadonk on the Secretary of State) that got screwed up so badly. I still get a tear in my eye thinking about it. *sniff*

Game #4

4) 2007 Topps #40 Jeter/Bush/Mantle

Ok, fine. The man was president. He can be on a card if he wants to. But why that picture?? Why make him look like a total doof? Like a rube jumping up and waving to the camera while the poor saps behind him miss Derek's wild flailing at a breaking ball. If Topps was trying to make the president look like a fool, they just should have went with this picture and done it right.


12) 2000 Pacific Manny Ramirez "Corked Bat"

From a view ruiner (you thought I was gonna say something else, but nuh uh) to a company ruiner. Fake or no, this would have been a pretty funny card had relic cards not been so new. We were already skeptical of these newfangled lumber scraps back in the day and a bat that wasn't genuine without a shadow of a doubt was just not acceptable. We're all completely used to all the shenanigans nowadays, sadly.

Go out and vote! May the worst gimmick win!

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