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Monday, March 29, 2010

Blaster Box Fantasy Team

I'm pretty old school when it comes to cards. One of the things I used to do with the very first 1981 Topps cards I had as a kid was to rip open the packs I got on a trip to Matthew's Super Market with my grandparents and to sort out the cards into teams. One player at each position. If I didn't have a second baseman, then one of the 7 outfielders I pulled would end up becoming one with the aid of a well placed scribble over the OF and 2B written beside it. Don't give me that look, I was nine and 1981 Topps looks better with some slight embellishments. 

I still do this. I am not ashamed to admit this. Part of the reason I head up the BRING BACK TOPPS TOTAL!!!!1 movement is because I used to buy $10 blasters of that stuff frequently so I could build teams out of the packs on those long boring nights at work. Hey, there was a baseball game on the back, you were supposed to make teams out of them. I'll still do it with normal packs too. Topps and Upper deck aren't great for this anymore since they are broken up into series, but it's doable. For optimal team building pleasure, you need a fairly large set all in one series. Right now, Heritage is one of the better sets for this although 2010 Upper Deck is pretty good too. I've picked up a few Heritage packs here and there and I went through them this morning seeing if I could build a good team out of them. Out of 9 packs, I put together a pretty formidable fantasy lineup:

C Jorge Posada
1B Ryan Howard
2B Brandon Phillips
SS Miguel Tejada
3B Evan Longoria
OF Ryan Braun
OF Adam Lind
OF Andre Ethier
DH Prince Fielder
RHP Justin Verlander
LHP Cole Hamels
Manager Ozzie Guillen

Now that's a nifty little lineup right there with a feisty skipper to lead them to the promised land. The only way you could get that lineup in a fantasy league is if over half the owners in the league slept through the draft. I've got fantasy baseball on the brain right now because I'm in the middle of an e-mail draft that's been dragging out for a while. So far I have Braun, Tulowitzki, McCann, Sizemore and Zobrist in that draft which ain't too bad. Too bad there isn't a way to combine a fantasy league with ripping packs... Or is there?

Presenting Dayf's Most Recent Ridiculous Excuse To Rip Packs

What if we could combine a fantasy draft with ripping a blaster? We could open that puppy up and build a team to compete with other weirdos who like to do this sort of thing. You got your blaster in my fantasy draft! You got your fantasy draft in my blaster! Let's do this! 

If you are interested in

  1. buying a blaster of 2010 Heritage
  2. ripping it open with no hesitation or remorse
  3. sorting out the cards by players and building a fantasy lineup
  4. competing against a few other whacko people doing this
  5. anteing up a few cards to use as prizes

Then leave me a comment expressing your interest.
Full details tonight if people actually want to do this.


davidj said...

I'm up for this - djacobs@gmail.com

Play at the Plate said...

I'm in...great idea.

Chris Mays said...

Sounds like fun to me ...

Peterson said...

oh yeah. I am in.
my team name will be my captcha:


Thorzul said...

In, of course.

Oh, and it looks like the verification words are all rejected "Batman" punching sounds.



PunkRockPaint said...

I am in!

Crap. My team name will have to be:


Apparently, my franchise is in Montreal...

oops... messed up on the wv:

new one is: gyrag

I think my team logo will be a 20 sided die.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I need to pick up another blaster to polish off my set. Count me in.

Cardsplitter said...

That sounds like fun if I don't have to work too hard...

Introducing, the Zanesville operint(s)!

deal said...

I think I am in. the hardest part will be findin the time to pick up hte blaster.

word verification = emuuu

that is one heckuva an emu.

madding said...

I'd do it, but I wouldn't be able to get to a Target until Saturday.

dayf said...

There is no rush on picking up the boxes. This is going to be a low-key relaxing fantasy game.

Play at the Plate said...

It shouldn't matter as long as you get your team posted before the season. Of course, that's Dayf's call. I bought my blaster on the way home and await directions before opening.

Word: trialse.

McCann Can Triple said...

I'll give it a whirl.

dayf said...

Directions shall be posted once I get home from work tonight, which from the look of things here in the office will be about 3:00pm on Wednesday.

Tunguska said...

If a blaster of Heritage ever shows its face north of the 49th then count this Back Bacon chomping Maple Syrup drinking Canuck in.

Or can I just buy hobby packs?

Verification word/team name - persestl

Anonymous said...

I would be very interested.

And my team is, uh.. etohmsei.

Sounds vaguely Japanese...

PunkRockPaint said...

Ooh, ooh!!! Changing my team name.

New WV:


Cardsplitter said...

I was thinking about this all day, I even went out of my way to see if I could find a blaster. No dice, but I will. Should be sweet.

new word verification: tronit. Better than operint.

davidj said...

Is this: http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4023079

the right box? I'm not sure there's anywhere in NYC to buy them.

dayf said...

That's the right box, davidj.

You can usually find blasters at Wal-Mart or Target. Occasionally at other places like sporting goods stores that sell cards. You have plenty of time to get the box, no need to rush.

Lauren said...

is it to late to enter? My wv is corack so my name is obviously the corack heads.