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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Cardboard Junkie 2010 Heritage Blaster Fantasy League Tentative Owners Page

Ok at this time we have the following readers/bloggers interested in the Blaster league:

DavidJ (pretty sure this is his blog)

Play at the Plate

Chris Mays



Punk Rock Paint

Jeffrey Wolfe

Cardsplitter - (reminder to me: link this)



McCann Can Triple


Wax Wombat

Add me and that makes 14. That's probably the limit for a funtional fantasy league, especially one where I'll have to tally up the stats by hand. If there are stragglers desperate to do this bit of silliness I can see these options available.

1) We can add 6 more teams and split the group into an American and National League.

1a) We can split up the group and do one league with 2010 Heritage and one with  2010 Upper Deck blasters.

2) One of the more enterprising players can split off and form your own league on your blog.

Everyone on this page is in as far as I'm concerned, and I won't dismiss any stragglers out of hand, but I'm not doing more than 20 teams here.  Rules will be posted within the hour for all you people on the edge of your seats.

Two more things: This is the blaster you are looking for. You can get it online if you can't find one near you. However THERE IS NO RUSH. You have until April 18th to get, rip and post your lineup. It's not your fault that I just thought up this harebrained scheme a week before Opening Day.


Matt F. said...

I'll join in the fun!

dayf said...

MattF is officially #15. Rules are up for anyone involved.

Pop Startled said...

Dayf...please let me join in! popstartled/chuck/hamrammobtown

PS. I wrote a note on your blog with a bunch of 2006 A&G that you need. Do you want them?

davidj said...

That's my blog all right. I ended up getting blasters on Amazon ($17.77 each). Hopefully they'll be here tomorrow.

Lauren said...

I skipped joining a hundred dollar a head fantasy league because 3 year-old twins don't come with spare time. But this my friend is exactly what I need. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssse let me in !!!! P.S. I've always broken my packs into teams and am 10 cards shy of a 2005 topps total set.

dayf said...

Break a blaster, post your team and you're in. Also send me those last 10 cards you need, Dayf probably has them.

And no Dayf didn't break character for this post, I am a hacker who hijacked his account.