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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tournament of Gimmicks - Olbermann Region Sweet Sixteen

Three out of four left in this region are from 2008. That was the Golden Age of Gimmickry.

Game #1

1) 2008 Topps #661 Johan Santana "No-Hitter"

I hereby give each and every one of you permission to print out this image, glue it to the back of a 2008 Updates and Highlights Johan #UH330 card, and stick it in your now-completed set. No one will ever know care.


4) 2007 Topps #40 Jeter/Bush/Mantle

It is impossible to overstate the massive collateral damage this card has done to the hobby. Gimmick? Check. Mickey Mantle Madness? Check. President where he doesn't belong? Check. Yet another overpriced Yankee card shoved down the hobby's throat? Check. Not short printed for maximum exposure? Check. This is the perfect storm of gimmicks.

Game #2

2) 2008 Upper Deck Documentary
I honestly have nothing to say about this dreadful, dreadful set. I think you can get hobby packs for about a quarter nowadays. They are still overpriced.


6) 2008 Upper Deck Presidential Predictors #PP7 Hillary Clinton (Morgana)

The Cinderella of the region. I'm desperately trying to think of a suitable joke here that isn't sexist. Aw screw it, the card was pulled for just that reason anyway. Hillgana may not be able to squeeze those feets into a glass slipper, but she sure as hell has a nicer rack than Cindy. Bippety Boppity Boobs! Ok, so I'm a pig. Oink.

Vote for the worst and may the lousiest gimmick win!

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