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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Mooss once Bipped My Sister - Part 3 Rumeal

You didn't expect this contest to go quickly did you? You poor deluded fools. I have projects from 2007 I still haven't finished. Here's part three of Spastik Mooss'ssess' Epic 4  Brick Bipping. Bricks one and two were brutal, how about number three? Actually there were a lot of very pleasant cards in there.

Like this Hoops Checklist art card of Dominique Wilkins dunking in the heavens. It's very transcendent... if it weren't for Nique staring at you this would be a great picture to gaze at while meditating. With Nique's glare not so much. EMPTY YOUR MIND OF WORLDLY CONCERNS! LET GO OF YOUR BODY AND FLY... BE FREE! TO TOMAHAWK JAM! BOOM!

Eh, there are weirder spiritual practices...

I like Dan Patrick, I like Dikembe Mutomobo, I just don't understand why a player known for blocking shots and dunking is in a subset called "From Way Downtown". I don't think Deke took a shot from outside the paint in his entire career.

I Friggin love Conlin Cards and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I don't even know who this guy is, but he's vintagey and black and white and in an old Braves uniform and Charles Conlin took the photo when the guy wasn't expecting it and I love it. MY LOVE HAS NO SHAME

A Braves Hall of Famer! On a crappy set when he was at the end of his career and the splitter had turned all the ligaments in his right arm into overcooked spaghetti. Angel hair at that. Holy crap, is that Ron Gant playing second behind Bruce?

Aside from teh ZOMG JASON HEYWARD stuff one of the big items for discussion is about Bobby's last year and who will be his replacement come 2011. This guy here is generally considered to be pretty high up on the short list. If we're going to replace #6 with a rookie with no managerial experience I have to say I'm rooting for Eddie Perez. That dude's going to be a manager somewhere eventually anyway, why net here?

There was dang near an entire Braves team set of 1996 Pacific in the package. Here's Lemmer as an example of the set. It's not a bad looking set even though the foil is a bit ridiculous.

Ah, the 1988 Fred McBip. A rare variation indeed. Extremely rare indeed:

1/1 Bip Card. Hmm... some other blogger uses that schtick in his Bips. the name escapes me for now. So here was the announcement of my doom, now to show you every third card in the package.

That's right, 27 1988 Fred McGriffs to go along with the 1/1 McBip. SERIAL NUMBERED EVEN. So many they wouldn't all fit on the scanner. Holy frijoles. If I ever do a custom set like Phungo, I'll have to include these as an insert. There's one more of these things to go. Hopefully it will be up before Opening Day...


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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Ok I think this whole bip thing has gotten out of hand. No, seriously. *laugh* By the way are the Braves still paying Sutter? I heard he signed a ridiculous deferred payment contract with Turner before his arm went nuclear.

Matt W said...

I'm a big fan of your blog and the Braves (hence also a Braves collector).

I am with you on Eddie Perez - he is my choice to replace Bobby if we were to replace him with someone with no managerial experience. Actually, he may just be my top choice to replace Bobby.

PunkRockPaint said...

Those McBips would be well received as an insert within the Pirate set... (I wouldn't mind #19)