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Sunday, March 14, 2010

ATTENTION: Anyone in the Punk Rock Paint Fantasy Baseball League

If you're in the league, log into Yahoo now. The draft is in an hour.

that's 8:45 PM Eastern.

7:45 PM Central.

6:45 PM Mountain.

5:45 PM Pacific.

I don't want to be doing this by myself, people.

Get it in gear, fellow managers...


Carl Crawford Cards said...

No worries man. I've got my whiskey and I'm ready to go! Vivan los Chingones!

Captain Canuck said...

stoopid yahoo wouldn't let me log in until the 2nd round, but I did make it...

dayf said...

Yahoo sucks. the damn thing utterly killed my computer and I ended up with three autopicks I didn't want because it was hogging so much memory (with NOTHING else running!) that the app froze on me.

this is why I've moved to Google.