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Friday, March 12, 2010

More Tales from the Quarter Box

These came from the Atlanta Sports Cards quarter box, not the JT's quarter box. All in all, I think the ASC box is a little better, but it's tough to make it there on my lunch break. I limited myself to four bucks this time. it's too easy to overboard on quarter boxes, you have to show some restraint.

First, The Oldie Moldies:

1967 Topps Dave Morehead

Every card I bought, I bought with a purpose. For example, if I already had this card (I neglected to bring my lists), I can easily flip it to some Sox fan. Besides, everyone wants mor- no. No, I'm not making that joke. Not gonna do it. Nope. Sorry, internet. I just can't do it.

1967 Cap Peterson

I pretty much got this because Cap isn't wearing one. Probably the most sound reasoning out of the bunch actually.

1969 Tony Oliva Checklist

You just can't pass up Tony Oliva on an unchecked high series checklist. You just can't, even if the bottom right corner is a little oogy. There were two of these in the box and I just found out there's a back variation. Now I have to go back and see if they have the variation card too.

1971 AL RBI Leaders

Frank Howard and Boog Powell on the same card?? That, my friends, is dangerous levels of kick-ass right there. Add Tony Conigliaro and you have three of the most popular players in their home cities ever to grace the same card.

1978 Steve Garvey

I really like this set, I really like the All Star Shields on this set and I really like Steve Garvey for telling Eric Gregg where to go during that Braves-Padres game I watched when I was a kid so long ago.

And new, the newfangled crap:

Four Topps206 Short Prints

Can you believe I already have all four of these?? Luckily Cardinals, Red Sox and Orioles are not difficult to find homes for and these have already  been put in various outgoing piles.

2008 Timelines David Wright

My quest for this set is slow but steady. Now is the time where I check my binder to see if I need this card. Drumroll, please.....


Nope, got it. there's one more card in an outgoing pile. (shoulda brought my lists!)

2006 Allen & Ginter Bob Gibson

I'll take any Bob Gibson card I can get my hands on because he was a Brave. Yep, Bob was the pitching coach for the Joe Torre Braves of the early '80s. Bet you didn't know that, eh?

2006 Allen & Ginter Napoleon Lajoie

This one I knew I didn't have. I was absolutely positive. Then I opened my binder and Nap was staring at me, menacingly. ALWAYS BRING YOUR LISTS.

2010 Heritage New Age Performers Zach Greinke

This one I didn't have! HA! Therin lies the beauty of buying brand new product. No doubles. At least until I start ripping blasters and I get two or three of this puppy.

Then & Now Whitey Ford & Friends

Greinke makes a second appearance as does Justin Verlander.

Baseball Flashback Luis Aparicio

Leapin' Little Luis! this is the only newfangled card that can even show its face to that '71 Leaders card. This might be the best photo in the entire Heritage set.


White Sox Cards said...

Love that Aparicio card! I'm hoping that Vizquel doesn't tarnish #11 for the White Sox.

Cardboard Icons said...

I broke a box of Timeline, where's your need list? I want the Sox, and that Lajoie 2006 T206 since you've already got it.

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--David said...

I know someone that would love the Lajoie... :-)

shanediaz82 said...

That '67 Topps Morehead is awesome. I wish I had a quarter box like that around here...

By the way, what happened to the existential hockey crisis?

dayf said...

White Sox: Omar's pretty good himself, I wouldn't worry about him tarnishing anything.

Cardboard Icons: Timeline list

As for the Lajoie, see the comment below yours. I'll find something for you though.

Shane: The crisis was (barely) averted. I have a post upcoming on that.