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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One more package from Ben

There was one more item involved in my trade/Bipping of Ben Henry. This package came in the mail the same time as the old Braves he sent.

Pretty normal package, you might say? Let's see what is inside.

Another package! The suspense mounts... what could be in this one?

Yes!!! Another package! This is the Russian nesting doll of trade packages. Opps, something's leaking out of it...

1982 Topps stickers! Yes!!! I can start seriously filling up that '82 Sticker Album Todd Querry sent me so, so long ago. I have no idea how to properly represent the filling of a sticker album on a blog, but I'll figure it out. Oh, I'm so excited!!!

A little too excited. And clumsy. Oh bother.

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Todd Q said...

Biggest hobby news of the day! 28 year old stickers get to fulfill their destiny of finally being stuck! I eagerly await your choice of method to document the festivities.

MLPB versus Upper Deck news pales in comparison.