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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Very likely the only post on Attax you'll see on this blog all year

Topps screwed me. 

I was all ready to go off on Eisner & Co. for running their mouth about how they wanted to market to "The Kids" while at the same time doubling the price of Topps Attax packs from $.99 in 2009 to $1.99 this year. Oh, how the obscenities were about to flow.... Then I saw the price of a starter deck has been cut in half from last year from $9.99 to $4.99. Well played, Topps... Well played. Unless packs have some kind of crazy Mojo insert in them that I don't know about, if you like this set starter decks are totally the way to go. 21 cards including 2 codes, 3 foils and a Legend foil, plus you can count on getting one complete lineup (i.e. enough cards to actually play the game against someone) in the deck. I got one out of curiosity and because it was that brief time period between my Topps Code obsession and Heritage Racks hitting shelves. I might as well show off my starting lineup from the deck. 


Joe Mauer

Can't get a better catcher. You can enter the code at ToppsTown to play a game or something. I still have avoided ToppsTown for some reason.

First Base

Adam Dunn

Not gonna deny it, the Nationals are starting to scare me a little bit. They will probably still suck this year, and may very well suck the year after that, but one of these years they're gonna be good. The game is basically War with delusions of grandeur. One player throws out a pitcher, the other player plays a batter face down and the pitcher calls a pitch. The two cards are compared and the higher number for that pitch wins. That's what the colored circles mean. Strat-O-Matic it ain't.

Second Base

Clint Barmes

That black bar at the bottom indicates how good the player is. The more stars, the better the player. You're supposed to make a team out of a variety of stars to make things fair. Second basemen aren't supposed to be able to hit anyway.


Yunel Escobar

Shiiiiiiiiiiiny! Ithink foil cards have slightly better numbers than the base cards, that's why Yunel is on a Hot Streak. I'm just glad there was at least one Brave in the deck.

Third Base

Michael Jack

Best third baseman ever in the history of eternity no arguments case closed period. This is coming from a guy who would punch a baby if it looked at Chipper Jones crosseyed. Lookit those numbers. I got five pitchers in the deck and not one of them was even close to getting Schmiddty out. And look at that big shiny blue bootay. This card is totally a Stupid Sexy Flanders moment.


B.J. Upton

I don't know if B.J. plays left, center or right. This game is not that complex.


Curtis Granderson

The Yankees. The YANKEES. WHY did it have to be The YANKEES???


I wish I had more to say about the game, but that's pretty much it. Hambone sure can crush the fastballs though.

Designated Hitter

Alex Fraudriguez

My utter distaste for this person is overcome by the fact that he's got the highest numbers of all the other not-starters in the deck. He'll still never be as good as Mike Schmidt, and did did it all without 'roids, Scott Boras or a centaur painting over his bed. This foil card has Superstar on it for some reason.


My lineup is a killer, but my pitching staff leaves much to be desired. Adam here is the best of the bunch. The curveball isn't too shabby, but that change up isn't getting anybody out. The cards are still on the same thin stock as last year with the matte finish, but there is spot UV coating over all the interesting bits on the card. It's not terrible as far as cheezy game cards go. 


--David said...

I'm looking forward to scooping up the Tribers in these. I might grab a pack or two for fun, too.

Captain Canuck said...

I think you can still go off on topps... the starter deck is always a gift from mom and dad... ok junior, here ya go, now save your allowance and you can buy packs when we go to the store... so yeah, Topps is screwing little kids. (maybe I should reword that)

also, I don;t know about the baseball game, but the soccer game attax is HUGE in europe. I tried to snag a basecard of my favourite player off of feebay over the weekend for my player collection.... it went for 13.50 POUNDS! That's like $30. For a basecard... them guys play hardball...

packaddict said...

duh, why didn't i think of that! i want a legend card!

Roy said...

Feels like I'm wearing...Nothing at all! Nothing at all! NOTHING AT ALL!!

Canuck - Euro cards are devastating. Just for fun, look up a Beckham auto...

Community Gum said...

My main problem with this game is that there's no advantage to throwing anything less than your best pitch. Yeah, maybe the guy throws down a Pedro Cerrano and you call your weak curveball just in case that happens, but otherwise you're really just playing war, right?


madding said...

I thought the packs were 1.99 last year as well. Could be wrong, though... never touched the stuff.

Just ask Carlos Beltran how shabby Adam Wainwright's curveball is. Go on, I dare ya!

dayf said...

Attax was their required 99 cent pack last year since they kiboshed Opening Day. Opening Day has flared up again like a bad case of herpes so they have their dollar pack and can charge whatever they want for everything else. To be fair, there are 2 more cards per pack. To be unfair, they doubled the price for a 33% increase in product.


Matt said...

I picked up a starter after work to see if I could replicate your Schmidt mojo. No luck. But I did pull a nice shiny Superstar card of Ryan Howard. My Legend was Bob Gibson, who has some spiffy stats himself.

BA Benny said...

I must say I was impressed with the "shiny" foil cards I got with the Opening Day box I busted. I may hasve to grab a pack or 2 just to see.

Mattressman said...

Don't be so hard on topps. Who knows how the heck they came up with their pricing schemes. They put out a quality trading card game that is fun to play.

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