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Monday, March 22, 2010

First Round Matchups: 5 vs. 12 and 6 vs. 11

Game #3

6) 2008 Upper Deck Presidential Predictors #PP7 Hillary Clinton (Morgana)

2008 was the year of politics invading every facet of pop culture, especially baseball cards. Topps kicked off the election year with some reserved portraits of Presidential contenders, while Upper Deck got illustrator Court Jones to do some humorous caricatures of the candidates using baseball themes. this card of Hillary Clinton as Morganna the Kissing Bandit was easily the funniest of the bunch, so of course Upper Deck pulled it from the set as too controversial. Even more controversial was that Upper Deck 'accidentally' let some of the cards sneak into packs, thus creating a super rare gimmick. Whoopsy!


11) Pacific Card-supials

Pacific was well known for having the most whiggetywhack inserts around, but this one was strange even for them. The concept: An insert card of a star player. Ok, that's normal. The twist: There's also a teeny tiny miniature version of the insert card. Ok, still not too weird. The bizarre: The mini card was randomly inserted into a pouch on the back of the card like a card kangaroo complete with joey. And not always the same player, either. What were they smoking up there in Seattle??

Game #4

5) 1998 Zenith "Dare-to-Tear"

One of Pinnacle's last gasps in the card market was to take a once decent high end product and turn it into a gimmicky product that asked collectors to destroy the cards they just bought. Each pack of Zenith had three 5x7" cards that had a standard 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" embedded inside it. You could keep the card intact or rip the sucker in half (likely trashing the standard sized card in the process) to gamble that you got something better inside. Never mind that a well placed slit with an Xacto knife would get you your card while keeping the large one presentable, the instructions in the pack encouraged you to tear that sucka.


12) 2000 Pacific Manny Ramirez "Corked Bat"

While Zenith was the final flailings of a doomed company, this card may have actually ruined Pacific brands. When this Manny Ramirez bat card surfaced out of a pack of 2000 Invicible (irony meter pegged) people were astounded that a real Manny Ramirez bat could have what appeared to be a piece of cork in it! Manny and the Players' union were astounded as well, and forced Pacific to admit that they had gotten the bat from a third party and could not prove the authenticity of the piece. Soon after, Pacific's baseball license went the way of the dodo.

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Cardsplitter said...

Oh. My mind is blown. These cards date from a break in my collecting, and had I known they existed I would have rushed to the nearest card shop and destroyed my credit. Oh, whoa is me!

Tough first rounder. I would go with the pouch card.

SpastikMooss said...

Cardsupials rule. I am so sad that they are losing.

dayf said...

The point of this tournament is to have the worst card win, so the fact that supials are losing means they are good. Or less bad at the very least.