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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 Topps Target And Wal-Mart Blaster Variations

Editor's note: You Know Who is in a BAD MOOD again. There isn't as much cursing this time though. 

I'm not buying any 2010 Topps Blasters because I'm still effing pissed at them for jerking us over so blatantly last year with the variation blaster bait and switch. Not telling us about the variations at all in series one was bad enough. But then cutting it back to two packs per blaster once we figured out their scam and got hooked is unforgivable to me. Screw you Topps, and your pretty, pretty variation cards. I finally got a couple of samples in the mail last week so I can at least show off what I will never buy.

In every Topps blaster there are ten eight card packs plus a patch card. Two of those packs are filled with these variation cards instead of base cards. Basically, in order to gimmick up their blasters like they've gimmicked up the set, they've screwed their customers again by making the blasters completely useless for set collectors. Between the inserts and the variations you're looking at maybe 52-56 base cards per blaster for $20. You can get that many with two racks for $10. At this point I wish Topps would just put out a $20 pack with just inserts inside and cut out the base cards altogether. Cut to the chase and cut down the clutter. I'm ranting again, aren't I? Well, screw it, I'm gonna rant away. My broke ass was all ready to sneak out $20 from the unemployment check to buy a Series Two Wal-Mart Black blaster last year and Topps bent me over and had their way with me. This is why I'm practically giving away the base cards while I work on the Yo Momma set. Topps has taught me that base cards are meaningless. Thanks, Topps for making me even more cynical. I appreciate it.

Each soulless Mega Mart Box Store gets their own variation type. Both Megalithic Corporate Entities flipped a coin and Target got to pick the Retro variation, while Wal-Mart got the Black variation. You know what the mom & pop hobby stores got? SHAFTED. No special inserts and no new Upper Deck to sell to try to keep their small business afloat. At least we're all winners now.

Rob M. sent me the Target card in a trade and The Collective Troll provided a Wal-Mart sample before he got cardjacked. Here are those cards for your viewing pleasure.

Target Retro Variation:

Here's the Hudson I got from Rob. Don't worry Rob, I've got your packages ready and I will hopefully get to the post office tomorrow if no more disasters strike. These cards are on retro cardboard stock, sort of. the backs are of the gray cardboard variety, but the front is actually fairly glossy with foil stamping. They use the old school Topps logo though, with is nice. I'm not looking forward to the new, hideous logo in series 2.

Here's the back in all it's grayboard glory. This is a good lesson in why Topps didn't use full color and teensy tiny print on the backs of their cards from the '80s.It's still pretty fun though. Too bad it would take about 30 blasters with almost perfect collation to build one set.

Wal-Mart Black Variation

This was my favorite of the two designs last year. I'm not so sure this year though. Last year there was a hint of a background on the card, now Tommy is getting swallowed by the void. Maybe it's just this card. The player still pops out and the splash of color looks very nice indeed.

As far as I can tell the backs are exactly the same. That's cool, because the backs are fairly well done this year.

So in review: Graaaar snarl grumble bluh.

If any one needs Topps base cards send me a link to your wantlist.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I pine for the days of no inserts, parallels, etc. Just big, good looking sets that aren't Opening Day...

madding said...

I keep hoping 2009 Topps blasters will show up at deep discount somewhere, but it's probably foolishly wishful thinking at this point. I have to think that the variations, other than last year's Series 1, are going to be an extremely tough grab for team collectors.

McCann Can Triple said...

I ranted about that a few weeks ago after i bought a blaster from Target. ...I need to read everything on the box before buying it.

I need to many

Chris Crook said...

So I am reading this post, and wondering if I had any variations I had not noticed, because I bought a blaster before I came to my senses... and then I realized I bought one at KMart, who gets no variations (but I did get a Yount SP).

Dammit Topps. I like chasing inserts, but this is just too damn much.

Good post though.

Down to a few base, but still a long way out on the inserts.


ernest of canada said...

yea, what senor wombat said. the only insert concept i would ever want to see again would be the
old-school, one a pack, insert set for that particular series within a set. until a manufacturer get its together, i'll stick to actual vintage inserts...and good ole topps heritage.