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Friday, March 19, 2010

The pluses and perils of Retail Heritage

I finally found a gravity feed box of 2010 Heritage at the local Wally World last night. I got two packs just for gits and shiggles. I did... rather well, except for an odd quirk. Here are the last four cards from the first pack:

Matt Kemp Chrome
Ty Cobb Flashback
Luke Hochevar
Derek Jeter All Star SP

That's a parallel, insert and short print in one retail pack. And not crummy ones either, those are all stars right there. Can't beat that with a stick. So how'd I do with the rest of the pack? Here they are, along with the first four cards from the other pack I got.

Rogers Hornsby Highlight
Bobby Crosby
Erick Aybar
Stephen Drew
Rogers Hornsby Highlight
Bobby Crosby
Erick Aybar
Stephen Drew

Either I'm drunk and seeing double or Topps needs to work out some collation issues. Some math nerd figure out the odds on this one. I'd do it myself but, you know, the drinking. Plus I suck at math. I need to stick to blasters.


gritz76 said...

I'm glad to see Topps is spreading the wealth of the Dupe packs this year! I got far too many of them last year.

night owl said...

I got two Josh Bards in a pack yesterday. Josh Bard!!!!!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I ran into a similar problem -- after my first three rack packs I had more duplicates than originals. But then I bought a blaster and needed every single card. Go figure.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Oh and by the way, thy hast bin bipped by Topps!

Anonymous said...

Topps has sucked at collation for years.

White Sox Cards said...

Many rack packs and a blaster later and I have not seen one chrome card. A White Sox relic, yes, but no chrome.

McCann Can Triple said...

I got a pujols chrome and no doubles in my blasters.

Lots of gum though.

Anonymous said...

Huh, the only dupe I got out of a gravity feeder (10 packs worth)was one of those Mantle '61 thingers. Maybe because it was Target?

Matt said...

I've opened 4 hobby packs, 4 loose retail packs and a retail jumbo, and I'm pretty sure I'm done with this year's Heritage. I've pulled some cool stuff...a dice game back, that Jeter SP you opened, a bat relic of Chase Headley (really?), but nothing wows me and man, oh man, does the collation suck.

I'm having more fun with base Topps, anyway.

dayf said...

I hate hate HATE when I misspell the title of a post and I don't notice until hours later. When I notice it in a place where I can't fix it, I hate it even worse.