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Monday, March 1, 2010

This is known as a "tease" in the industry

I'm workin on stuff right now so here's some teasers from two packages I got in the mail today.

AdamE from Thoughts and Sox sent me an unnecessary package which is warmly welcomed. Included was a package full of some Braves including one question:

"Hey, What are these shiny Upper Decks? - Adam"

These UD Shinys are 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X AKA "We're ripping off Chrome, neener neener"

That's pretty much it, Upper Deck Chrome. These were printed on Exclusive Serillusion Technology! Have you heard the word Serillusion before in your life, ever?


Also included was the MEEEEEESTEERY PACKAGE!

What's in the Mystery Package? That's where the tease comes in.

Also, Mark's Ephemera sent me a package. He pretty much announced to the world that I got Bipped. See?

I also got a nice note, a non-Bip package and an envelope of Geegaws. Yes Geegaws. What the heck is a Geegaw? Well, this is one:

Funny thing is, I already have this exact coaster. I was in Denver for work back in 1998 and I caught a Braves/Rockies game at Coors. Before the game, I went to a pub next to the stadium and had a couple of beers and snagged a couple of coasters. Now I have another. Weird, huh?

So, can anyone guess the Mystery Card? Or the Bip?


BA Benny said...

I am going to guess a Chipper Jones Mystery card and a classic wax bip from a 1988 topps set. Don't know why, just a wierd feeling. Maybe it's gas.

Mark's Ephemera said...

The Mystery Card will be a Milwaukee Braves card.

Could the Bip be a short stack of falderal?

AdamE said...

Thanks for the info on the shiney UD. I now know how to sort the shiney Red Sox UD I have.

I'm not going to guess on the mystery because it aint no mystery to me.

THe bip will be 89 Donruss.