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Friday, March 5, 2010

Four more packages inna mail

Kids been barfing ALL WEEK. .

So I've, um, gotten a little behind in my posting. Here's four packages getting the one card treatment. Each one has a special theme involved, so they will be getting their own post eventually. Once the projectile vomiting stops.

Greg Maddux Double Header Mini Jersey

This came from Jim right here in the ATL. Jim sent a whole lot of cards from a a set I'm building and incuded a couple of 'mini' jersey cards. Both were actually from sets that just happened to be mini sized. This here is Fleer's valiant but awkward attempt to rip off the 1955 Topps Double Header set. All the photos were computerizedto look like they were painted (by a robot, but painted) and the cards were the same size as the originals. Unfortunately they didn't make the entire set double folders and the resulting base cards look a bit odd. I like the Maddog, even if that jersey piece has him squished over to the left.

2009 Brian McCann A&G mini

Matt G. (who has a blog, I just can't remember what it is) dumped a bunch of "evil Braves" among other things in this package. He was 99% sure I had this card, but I DIDN'T SO NYAAAAAH. This one went right into the A&G mini binder, deposing a 2008 Gary Sheffield in the process.

1996 Pinnacle Christie Brinkley Collection Chipper Jones

What's better than a Chipper card? A Chipper and Chrstie Brinkley card. CHEWING GUM. This one is from Madding at Cards on Cards in a recent A&G SP swap.

2009 Bowman Blue Chipper Jones

This one came from Steve at The Easy Life. Steve did a Bad Bad Thing. that is all I have to say about that. While I hate Bowman now thanks to Topps screwing up the brand beyond repair, a Chipper parallel numbered to 500 overcomes all hate.

Thanks guys, I'll be posting and sending once I clean up all the yuck on the walls...


night owl said...


What is it about kids and March and illness?

Matt said...

I *had* a blog. I closed down Scarlet and White Cardboard, because, well, because I'm lazy. I do toss up a pack onto A Pack to be Named Later from time to time, though.

steveisjewish said...

that hit me 2 weeks ago - lets just say i am very happy that my shower is right next to my toilet