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Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Additions to the Yo Momma Gallery

Ever get so far behind you just sort of give up and blithely let the world collapse around you? Yeah, that's pretty much the past three years for me. Time to pick up another brick from the collapsed castle. Here's some more Yo Momma cards that came through the mail.

These three are from Todd the O's fan. In exchange he'll get the dregs of what I haven't sent to Kevin and Beardy. Enjoy the dregs, Todd!

And these came from the Wax Wombat himself. He has the cutest blog mascot out there. Oooooh! Fuzzy wittle wombat! I want to cuddle and tickale and - AAAAAH THEY BITE THEY BIIIIIITE THE PAIN OH GOD I'M MISSING APPENDAGES NOW

Thanks guys!

1 comment:

The Wax Wombat said...

Glad they got there ok! I may have more...