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Monday, March 1, 2010

God, I love YouTube

Here's that post I promised this morning. I told you it wasn't very good.

A little while back I posted a video break of a 2010 Topps Series 1 Cereal Box. I think I may have offended the delicate sensibilities of some genteel YouTube viewers, because I got a scathing rebuke from babbiigiirll1385's 8 year old brother. 
your an idiot your a big fat santa clause you need to make a tops town codes im on my sises youtube and i got 8 packs yestwst if you send me some cod4es ill give you some codes
This here is why YouTube is the most amazing thing ever created by mankind. Now, thanks to the marvel of technology, even the illiterate may speak. For those of you who have no clue what the hell that says here is the entire statement parsed for clarity.

your an idiot

 Apparently something I own is an idiot.

your a big fat santa clause

 Silly YouTuber, There ain't no Sanity Clause

you need to make a tops town codes

 I believe the young whippersnapper is extolling me to become a ToppsTown Code counterfeiter. At the risk of enduring the wrath of the Baseball Card Secret Service, I'll give it a go.


Results may vary.

im on my sises youtube

Well get off of it then! It might get squished!

i got 8 packs yestwst 

if you send me some cod4es ill give you some codes

 If I contact random 8 year old from the interwebs in any way shape or form, Chris Hansen will be waiting outside my door with a camera crew and a SWAT team, so please keep your cod4es.

So there you go. If you want free ToppsTown codes, the best way to go about it is by calling strangers a big fat santa clause. I hope that was as entertaining as it was informative. Actually I wish it was either. Now here's something you'll really like:

Three Decades of Fleer

Gracious, YouTube sure picked some good preview stills.

Well, I'm batting .333 at least. Here are the highlights:


scanned good this time!

1996 Bip Roberts

2007 Trevor Hoffman Insert Thingy

Wasn't that worth the wait? Don't look at me like that...


night owl said...

Love the '87 Fleer set.

Thank goodness you showed it after that exhibition of stupidity. Illiteracy is so depressing.

Thorzul said...

That's really one of the societal side-effects of the internet: The idiocy of middle schoolers is on full display all the time. It used to be kept private, more or less, unless you hit certain locations such as a shopping mall.

Seriously, someone could write a doctoral thesis on this.

YESTWST!!! (My new favorite word.)

MattR said...

I would have been very happy with that '87 pack back in the day. Some HOFers (Schmidt, Puckett, Reggie) and other near HOFers (Murphy, Mattingly). When opening a pack I always looked for guys from teams I liked (Giants, Reds, Phillies) and for the guys who had paid their dues. Rookie cards didn't do a whole lot for me.

Topps should do a sticker insert set. They could make stickers similar to the early 80s ones and insert a couple per pack. It would be a fun insert set to collect.

Dinged Corners said...

We wisza ellitrats uf awl agess wud fimd anothr hobie.