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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Never count your trades before they hatch

So I got this card in the Topps Yo Momma Code Transmogrifier.

I'm collecting this set, but I have this card. It's a nice card , and a Dodger. So I thought, I could maybe trade it to Night Owl or something. But he got crap with his first codes. I got a lot more cards and traded a few away. Mostly the more recent stuff. Leron stayed put. No rush in trading him. Then Night owl started redeeming some decent cards. Hey, a Braves team card. Maybe Owlie will want that for Leron. He already said he had Mr. Lee, but he doesn't have a virtual Mr. Lee. So I offered him the card last night.

This morning I had another offer for Leon in my trade inbox. Some 1982 Topps card. Bluh. DENIED. I decided to send Night Owl an e-mail telling him about my offer just in case he wasn't obsessively checking the site every couple of hours waiting for Mr. Eisner to throw the 1953 Topps High Numbers switch but I got distracted and didn't. I checked later today and got another offer for Leron. This was a good offer. I seriously considered this offer, but decided to let it set so I could give Night Owl a shot. The trade offer would still be there when I got home.

So now I'm home. I see The Owl did a Yo Momma Post. It's about my trade offer.

Now, real baseball General Managers know there are some things you don't want to do. You never ever air your dirty laundry in public. If you slam a young player in arbitration or dis an agent or another GM in the press, there's a chance that will come back to bite you in the ass. Now, I'll admit I got dissed a tad in that post, but it's all in good fun. Brian McCann is better than Russell Martin, etc. Night Owl is a Dodger fan, I'm a Braves fan. Old NL Rivals, we. Night Owl unfortunately did make the one mistake a good GM never ever ever makes. Announcing a trade before it is official. You click ACCEPT TRADE, then you announce. If you don't do that, bad things happen. Just ask Frank Wren about Ken Griffey Jr.

Now, before we go on, I want to make it perfectly clear that I did not kibosh the trade only because of Night Owl's post. It was a mitigating factor, but don't think that uncle dayf got all butthurt and took his cards and went home. No I actually had a pretty good offer and Mr. Owl did specificly state in that post that he did not really want the Leron Lee card. So I took the other offer. Here is that offer:

Two for one: the Lee for 1978 Topps Ron Fairly and John Scott.

Yes, someone has also offered me an '87 Jim Rice All Star card for my '87 George Brett. I'm sort of sick of '87 Topps to be honest.

Night Owl should be very familiar with Ron Fairly, the guy won three World Series with the Dodgers in the 50's and '60s. I think this is his last card too, as the Blue Jay's inaugural All-Star. So that's a pretty good card. Not quite as good as a '76 card, maybe, but still pretty darn good.

Now here is the point when Night Owl goes from beeing peeved with me to totally understanding.

The John Scott?

I need that card for my set.

I checked too, after reading Night Owl's post and before accepting that other trade I went to my '70s box and looked for that Scott card. I have probably a half dozen of those Braves team cards floating about somewhere, but John Scott, he fills an empty pocket in a binder.

Sorry man, it's business, not personal.

Ok, so maybe it is a little personal.


So do you want the Fairly, Night Owl? Maybe we can still do some business.


Captain Canuck said...

nice. Deserving for someone who's trying to corner the market on '76's...

madding said...

why does no one want my 1991 Twins card of someone whose name isn't even memorable enough for me to remember when I'm reading blogs at work instead of working?

night owl said...


Sorry, I have the Fairly card, too.

I did have a hunch you might do this. But, no, I didn't want the Lee card, and no, I'm not a GM, so I didn't click accept and it doesn't bother me. If you got a card you need, that's the intent, right?

Captain: how do you feel about a '76 style bipping?

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Wait, let me get this straight you turned down not one but TWO cards of '77 Blue Jays in their seldom seen original road jerseys that they changed the next year. You dear sir are a damned fool! If that trade offer had tripped across my screen I would have broken my mouse clicking "yes" so many times. I shall now offer up my 2005 Victor Zambrano to any damned fool willing to part with any '78 Blue Jays or Mariners. That is all.

Steve E. said...

So who was the mystery trader? It was me!

I traded the two Blue Jays cards for the Leron Lee. Why?

I needed a Dodger, ANY DODGER, to fulfill a trade (with Ben at 'Picture Cards & Bubblegum') for a '71 Tony Oliva.

Since we're on the subject of trading and the Topps Million website, I think I've found a major flaw with the system: There's no user specific trades.

Unfortunately, I found that out the hard way and am out of a '62 Robin Roberts because of it. I've contact Topps about the problem and they weren't very helpful.

Does anyone have a contact at Topps who could help a collector out? Thanks!