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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two more racks of Heritage

Here's highlights of two more of those Heritage Rack Packs I found last week. The first one was kind of boring so I'm showing off another one too. Of course now I need to find a fifth to pair up with the last rack pack. Of course I've bought four more since then since I haven't seen blasters yet. Of course you'd like me to shut up and get on with it already. So I will.

Pack 2:

Tommy Hanson

Great googely moogely I love this rookie cup card. the only Heritage card I could possibly love more than this one is the Jason Heyward card that will come out in the High Numbers set later this year.

Yaz Debut Flashback

This was the only insert in the pack which seems like sort of a rip to me. Then again, it is one of the best inserts possible and I also got Braveage action, so I'm not complaining this time. Yaz is on the short list of non-braves players I really like.

Chipper Jones

I bought eight hobby packs and got one Chipper Jones. So far I've bought eight rack packs and I've gotten one Chipper Jones. Chipper Jones is apparently in one in every eight packs.

Javier Vazquez

I'm not as insences as the rest of the state at having to give up Javy, but I'll be honest with ya. I'd rather have three more years of Tim Hudson than one more year of Javier Vazquez. I'd rather have both of them and blister-footed Derek Lowe elsewhere of course, but you can't have everything.

Pack 3

The last pack was pretty boring, this one is much more interesting.

Topps Stamps Carlos Quentin and Gerardo Parra

Here it is, the fabled '61 Stamp card. The ones whose coolness are mitigated by the difficulty of their pull. At 1:108 packs, it is over three times easier to pull a jersey card than one of these things. The stamps are enclosed inside a plastic frame and are not sliding around in there, indicating to me that they are stuck. The back is numbered out of 50, I've put it in my binder already and it's in the other room and I'm too lazy to get it so don't worry about the actual number on the back. Yeah this card looks really nice. At the risk of earning the wrath of a certain Sox fan, I'm going to say that this particular specimen is not all that impressive. It's kind of like pulling an original '61 stamp panel of Vic Wertz and Jerry Lumpe. Why Topps didn't just put one panel of unframed stamps in every pack and them give out a stamp album as a box topper, I simply do not know. Topps has stamps in the '62 set so maybe they will get it right next time.

Jamie Moyer

I posted this card for two reasons. To try to lure Dinged Corners away from studying for a moment or two, and because The Aged One is looking pretty majestic on that card. So, Is Moyer even a possibility for the Hall of Fame or is he the to the '90s and '00s what Frank Tanana was to the '70s and '80s? Discuss.


I'm not a huge fan of the '61 set, but DAMN did they have some mighty fine checklists. Not even the unfortunate photograph can spoil the perfection of this checklist.

2009 National League Home Run Leaders

2009 NL HR Leaders: Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, Mark Reynolds.
1961 NL HR leaders: Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Ken Boyer, Eddie Mathews.

One you're done yelling "Moyer in the Hall?? You must be mad!" you can all discuss which group is better instead.


Laurens said...

Moyer is definitely Tanana circa mid 1980s-early 90s, though Tanana had a better peak in his 20s, than Moyer did early in his career.

Moyer was merely a journeyman hanging on for dear life until the mid 1990s.

Steve78 said...

Wasn't Moyer in the original '61 set?

Roy said...


White Sox Cards said...

No wrath here. You must mean some "other" Sox fan. It's a Quentin picture I've seen a hundred times. It looks nice, but kind of blah.

I definitely remember the Moyer card being in the original '61 set. I remember his 1922 American Caramel card!

dc said...

We are, in fact, lured by the majestic Jamie.

And that IS a rockin' checklist.

Captain Canuck said...

which group is better?

add up the homers, and subtract the strikeouts... whomever has a greater number is , well, greater.

deal said...

I am rooting for Moyer to find his way into the 2011 Heritage set - That would put him on a card from his Birth Year. I doubt that has happened for any player on a Heritage card yet. Maybe Julio Franco.

Matt said...

I love Jamie. Hell, my wife as a mildly disconcerting crush on Jamie (She is just less than half his age), but unfortunately Jamie is destined for the Hall of the Very Very Good.

AdamE said...

Evidently he was talking to me Steve.

Dayf - There is something seriously wrong with you. First you spout some Yaz blasphemy "This was the only insert in the pack which seems like sort of a rip to me". Yes you tried to cover it up with "one of my favorite non-Braves", but he is still the last Triple Crown winner and may very well be the last one of all time. So wah f-n wah you got Yaz. Then you knock Vic Wertz. A Vic Wertz stamp would be one kick ass pull.

dayf said...

Wow, Friday morning smackdown from Adam! Before my coffee even. I've gotten 8 racks and all of them had 2 inserts in them except this one. I guess Yaz is too awesome to pair up with an inferior shortprint. So yah, RIPOFF.

Also, if stamp panels were one in 108 packs back in 1961 and the only one you got all year was Vick Wertz, again, RIPOFF.

Andy said...

I humbly acknowledge that you mentioned how many packs you opened before receiving a Chipper card and again apologize for my earlier comments. I am feeling the cold, cold shoulder.