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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter Box Break Part 2: Packs 2-4

All right, I need to have this box ripped, posted and in a binder quick. Time to get a move on. THREE MORE PACKS!

Pack 2:
87 Alexei Ramirez
176 Preston Pittman
45 Justin Verlander
136 Garrett Jones
126 CHIPPAH Jones (+1)
321 Carlos Gomez SP
NA11 Panama - Harpy Eagle (+2)
TDH50 Alecch Rodriguez TDIH (+1-1=0)

Two packs in for my Chipper. Nice to get that out of the way quickly. The Verlander pose doesn't seem recycled for once, while I know I've seen Chipper's stance on another card before. Actually, the Verlander card might be in another set now that I come to think of it. Justin has only had three photographs taken of him in his life. We've now established that short prints are in all even packs. Topps is pretty predicable about these things. I know for a fact Carlos Gomez has been a short print before in another set, if not multiple sets. Some Topps checklister has it out for poor Carlos. I am mildly bemused by pulling a turkey caller and a huge friggin eagle in the same pack. "GobblegobblegobblegobbOHMYGODAAAAAAHHHHHHHMYFACE-"

Pack 3:
179 Ben Zobrist
111 Josh Willingham
190 Randy Wolf
127 Albert Pujols

**************FIRST HIT ALERT**************

Jeff Shmamarshizjdjshjzisjishzma (+8)


348 Asdrubal Cabrera mini A&G SP (+6)
TDH16 Carlos Gonzalez TDIH (+1)

Pujols isn't someone's favorite player? Really? We get a nice pic of him stretching out in the field and showing off his manly bulge. Oh goody, we've never seen that before. This is a decent pack points-wise but I'm less than thrilled with the relic. Oh well it's only one out of three and I know Cubbie fans who might want this thing. The A&G short print is nice. Does it go into the FrankenSet binder?


Fills an empty slot too!

Pack 4:
242 Jules Verne
26 Andy Pettitte (-1)
220 Manny Ramirez
298 Jorge Cantu
120 Nick Swisher (-1)
307 Akinori Iwamura SP (+2)
146 Carlos Lee A&G mini (+2)

TDH7 Jason Heyward TDIH


This box is a success, Cubbie relics be damned. Six points for Gryffindor! (+1 TDIH, +1 Favorite team, +1 Favorite player) I'm doing a happy dance so hard right now.

Ok back to the rip. A couple of stinkin' Yankees negate my short print of a player who has already been DFA'd. By the Pirates. I picked those two points back up with an A&G mini of Carlos Lee. For anyone who is still bewildered by the lack of Strasburg minis floating about, check out the minis that have come out of this box so far. Two normal A&G backs, one A&G SP and an animal flag insert. One sixth of the box gone and not one normal mini. With all the inserts and parallels, normal minis are hard, folks. It's no surprise that someone who ripped 25 cases didn't get one. Speaking of Lee, did he make the FrankenSet?


Fills another open slot too! Sweet!
(yes, I am going to do this for every mini card)
(yes, you will get sick of it)
(no, I don't care)

Ok, let's wrap up this post.

Most interesting non-scoring card:

Jules Verne is a hell of a writer and so far ahead of his time we still haven't caught up to him.

Coolest This Date In History:

(You knew I had to pick the Heyward)
Richard Nixon was a pretty damn good president other than that little thing that happened. It's a shame he's not more widely admired for his policies despite his foibles. If you abuse the power of your office, then you have to pay the consequences.  Politicians today have learned this lesson well. When today's leaders abuse the power of their office they make damn sure they have to pay absolutely no consequences.

Gint-A-Cuffs total:
Box Topper: 8 points
Pack 1: ???
Pack 2: 3 points
Pack 3: 15 points
Pack 4: 8 points
TOTAL: 34 points + Pack 1's points

I'll total up pack one eventually, just be patient.

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