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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tickets, please

Bad Wax, creator of awesome custom cards, has put out a call for some scans of ticket stubs for a project he's working on. I've been meaning to post some of my ticket stubs for a long time and the request has helped me break through my procrastination and ennui for once and actually do it. I've already posted quite a few ticket stubs including a really nice one. You're welcome to any of these that look good, Mike. No need to send a card, I just enjoy looking at the ones you create.


The Olympics were in my town and I got to see Cuba kick the pants off of the USA squad.


I didn't get to go to a game in 1995, but I did go to game 1 in 1999. No clue where the ticket is though.

I went to see this game with cousin Tim from Pennsylvania. He rooted for the Phillies, got me a Phils cap which I wore everywhere for months and got utterly totally perschnockled. No clue how we made it home. Awesome game.

This was probably a fireworks game. My family went to a lot of those. I'll bet the Saturday game was a day game so they did them on Friday.

Don't expect a story for every game. At least not right now.

Fred McGriff's 300th home run. Yes, I wrote that on the ticket. My friend admonished me for doing so because it would 'ruin the value'. Didn't care then, don't care now. I saw Fred McGriff's 300th homer!

Three nondescript late '90s Ticketmaster Braves tickets.

This one's not for a game, but the 2000 All Star Game Fan Fest. That thing was AWESOME. A baseball fan/card collector's dream.

I miss the Expos. I must have gotten this ticket from my uncle, it cost more than all the previous Braves tickets combined.

Somewhere in the early '00s, tearing ticket stubs was replaces by scanning barcodes, resulting in pristine tickets like this one.

I slipped a minor league ticket in there while you weren't looking. This is from the  days when my future wife lived in Nashville. A five hour + drive up mountains from Athens, GA. Good times.


This is the opening game of the 1995 season and the first ever regular season game for the Carolina Panthers. This was one of the most entertaining games of my life if for no other reason than the rabidly insane Panthers fans sitting in front of us in full gear screaming "WE DON'T SUCK! WE DON'T SUCK!!!" as the Panthers fought tooth and nail with my Birds all game long.

Falcons/Saints is the greatest football rivalry among terrible teams ever period.

My financial aid got all screwed up when I was a freshman so I had a horrific time trying to buy student tickets. It was worth it when I finally got got to see a game between the hedges.

The Bulldogs and Jackets rivalry is traditionally held on Thanksgiving weekend, meaning most of the time my tickets either got locked in the dorms where I couldn't get to them or I was on some family vacation thing. Thus, the unused ticket here.

Arena football is a fun little game. The league went bust and the Force are sadly dead and gone now.


This is the first Hawks game I ever went to where Dominique wasn't playing. I hate this ticket.

These tickets are useless. There's not even a date on them. I need to find some good Hawks tickets.


Of all the defunct Atlanta teams (and there's a bunch of 'em) I miss the Atlanta Knights the most of all of them.  ...Gave proooof through the KNIGHTS!!!!! that our flag was still theeere...

I don't even know if I went to this game. I got a keepsake ticket saver for the Thrashers 2000-2001 season and for the life of me I can't remember if I went to this game or if I bought it at the souvenir shop and the ticket came with the binder. I was at the Thrasher's very first win ever in Nassau Colosseum against the Islanders, but I've managed to hide that ticket from myself.


When the music came on and the words scrolled down the screen I cried from joy. I am not ashamed to admit this.

Aw yeah... Tom Petty. I'm not entirely convinced that I was an adult in 1995 though.

This show kicked ass. This was seen in Nashville with the future wife. Two days later I was back in Athens for.....

My favorite band. This is the greatest concert I have ever seen or ever will see. There's a great story behind this ticket, but it's almost 1:00am and I have to work tomorrow so that will have towait for another post.

Feel free to swipe any of these images for your custom card making needs. If you need a better scan just let me know.


Play at the Plate said...

Two of my goals...an Olympic event and a World Series game (preferably with the Rangers involved--I can dream right?) Nice collection.

beardy said...

And here I thought this was going to be an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade post.

C'mon, you remember, when they're on the zeppelin...

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Wow ... you couldn't wait another week to break out with the ticket collection ?

Ha ha ... Actually, I will need something to fill the World Cup void, so maybe I will dig out my box o'stubs too - so thanks.

It is a sad path to the tickettron/barcode boring tickets, but it will make the hunt for vintage -color - photo tickets even more desirable !

I personally think your notation of the event ON the ticket stub gives it character - especially if its a bland tickettron version.

I did this on the back of my stubs as a kids - complete with teams and scores.

Thanks for sharing ...

gritz76 said...

Nice collection! You've been to some truly amazing events in your life sir. I still have my Star Wars movie stub too and yes I cried a little too and am not ashamed of it either!

Tim said...

Awesome! I thought I was the only one that kept all my ticket and movie stubs. Didn't R.E.M. play a lot of their early shows at the 40 Watt Club?