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Thursday, July 15, 2010

X little pigs where X is greater than or equal to 3

Ok Topps is just messing with us now. When I got my A&G blaster they had rack packs as well so I picked up a couple. Inside one of them was a gem:

Creatures of Myth, Legend & Horror/Joy is probably my favorite insert set from all of Allen & Ginter. I was very happy to snag one considering that they are pretty tough to find. I got The Three Little Pigs, which is more of a fairy tale than a myth, but whatever. Let's take a look at the front.


On the Three Little Pigs card. Four. As in three plus one. Or two squared. One hundred seventy nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-five minus one hundred seventy nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-one. Otherwise known as one pig too many if you're talking about the three little pigs. I have been laughing at this for well over an hour. I'm not sure I've enjoyed any card more all year.

Granted, 99% of all Topps non-sports historical subjects use images ganked directly off of Wikipedia so it's probably a famous drawing of the Three Little Pigs and Mama Boar from 1892. Even so, Topps just knew that one of us crazy OCD bloggers would pull this card, see four pigs on the three little pigs card and have to post it immediately. Topps is just trolling us now and I, for one, welcome our new card-screwing-up-on-purpose overlords. Oh please oh please let there be a Pigs relic card out there with bacon bits in the window.

Well played Topps, well played.


Anonymous said...

Three LITTLE pigs. One big pig. You can be a big pig, too, hoo!

Sharpe said...

agreed, i only see three of the little variety, but that also begs the question, why show the momma/daddy pig? is it considered uncouth these days to show kids out playing by themselves? would the pig parents be considered bad pig parents?

OMG OMG OMG they let their pigs go out and play by themselves?!?!?!?!? What if they are eaten by the big bad wolf!?!?!?

JD's Daddy said...

Those little piggies look a bit smarmy and sure of themselves and need to be brought down a notch. Personally, I am rooting for the wolf.

dblay said...

Look familiar?

dayf said...

dblay: Wikipedia, check. Copyright 1905 - only 7 years off. Topps loves the Wiki - CALLED IT.

Anonymous Coward: I resemble that remark!

In other news, I am very relieved no one caught my blatant math error.

Thorzul said...

The blasters I've seen have seemed very apt to produce a super short printed mini card.

Casey said...

Looks like another subset I need to collect. Lame.

Is there a piece of bacon version?

DC said...

Oh my gah. Does this make the Top Ten Modern but Vintage-Like Mini List?

Jason said...


Erin said...

Ooh. I want this card.

If you remember your stories, you should recall the mama pig sending the little pigs off into the world. This is obviously what is happening here. (See, their backs are to her ... one is waving ...)

dayf said...

DC - I found a much better candidate in my blaster.

Hand Collated: Thorzul pulled Santa claus out of one of his Hobby boxes so they are in both Hobby and retail.

Erin: I remember the Looney Tunes cartoons better than the actual story so I forgot about momma pig. I do remember the wolf with the southern accent who whistled a lot though.