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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A pack of A&G from Target

Never let it be said that I don't know how to make a misleading headline solely to get hits. No not this A&G:

This A&G:

When I bought my pleasantly thin card pages from target I picked out a couple of $1.59 packs of 2008 A&G from the cheapo bin. There seems to be a lot of 2008 packs in there right now, which sucks because I've got tons of 2008 cards and very few 2009 cards. I'll always take a flyer on discounted A&G though, here's one of the packs.

47 Chad Bilingsley

I've got two piles of Dodgers almost ready to send to a couple of Dodger enthusiasts. Now they can both have a Billingsley card.

101 Adrian Beltre

I get all the Omar Infante All Star griping, but I totally don't get the articles stating Beltre was robbed and should be starting over Longoria. 

240 Magglio Ordonez

Cabrera is now the star of the team, but Mags has the epic hair.

311 BJ Ryan SP

He dropped off the face of the earth quickly, didn't he. His Yahoo! page says he's with the Cubs organization now.

275 Mick Markakis mini

Alll riiight. A good mini. This is the whole reason I bought the pack since I've got the base and flag sets already.

US19 Tim Stauffer

Yay! a flag. Stauffer has an 0.39 ERA so far this year.

249 Serena Williams

A card of the Wimbledon Champ. and wait, was that 7 cards in the pack? It was. Bonus! But wait, there's more...


Well ain't that a kick in the pants. A Bazooka Markakis out of a cheapo packs. Never underestimate the discount packs - searchers can never find everything.


night owl said...

Discount '08 A&G Target pack is where I found the Fukudome no-number card. I make it a practice to paw through the discount box every time. Unfortunately, it is overrun with Ken Griffey's smiling Fleer Ultra face right now.

PunkRockPaint said...

I bought a couple packs and got 2 minis that I needed... I thought I was lucky!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I wish I'd find something other than old Fleer Ultra & Upper Deck packs when I checked my Target's bargain box.