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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ginter Code was cracked

By Nick Jacoby once again! You can see just how he done it here. Nice job, Nick! I have to admit that Topps was quite clever this time. After having to examine a bunch of confusing parallels last year, a code breaker didn't really need to look at a single card this year. The code, a checklist and Baseball-Reference would suffice. In honor of this feat, I'm going to hold a special contest just for Topps. Introducing...


Here are the instructions: All Topps has to do is crack my special near-impossible-to-decipher code, follow the instructions in the code and they win! The prize: A bunch of boxes of junk wax doubles I've got cluttering up my basement. Topps can try to build their own set of 1989 Topps, or they can give them away on the Transmogrifier! Topps will have to earn it though. Ok, don't look now, but.... HERE'S THE CODE





Get crackin' Topps... you'll need your finest minds working on this one...


Community Gum said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this says, "More Abraham Strasburg pie in the face superfractor autos, please!"

How close am I?

dayf said...

Community Gum:


Todd Uncommon said...

I think I solved it!

Your code says:

"Yo A Tanbark Gypsy Cabala To Pity"

no no wait it is:

"A Pagan Cabala By Sporty Kitty Yo"

ah, here it is

"Nay A Porky Gay Potty Sabbatical"

A winrar is me?

Word verification: slediar
(= "moar sleddy")