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Monday, July 26, 2010

What I did this weekend instead of blogging

Aww yeah, minor league baseball. We were planning to go to the Rome Braves game, but had to head down to downtown Atlanta after the game, so Gwinnett was a little closer. They played the Louisville Bats, the Reds' Triple-A team. I thouhg t Louisville was the Redbirds, but I guess that name doesn't work too well when you're no longer the Cardinals' affiliate.

Woooo! A free program! We have the Braves' Triple-A All Stars on the cover. Wes Timmons I know nothing about, Barbaro Canizares got a cup of coffee last year with the Braves and now is hopelessly behind Freddie Freeman in the organizational depth chart and Mike Dunn is up with the big squad likely as an audition for potential trade partners.

Here's the inside of the program, notice anything missing?

So... what's Joe Thurston's uniform number? Or Mike Minor's? If #36 is on the mound pitching, who exactly would that be? You'll never know, because there's no names on the back of the jerseys and no uniform numbers printed in the specially printed program for the next three home series. Did Richmond fans have to put up with this nonsense? I'm beginning to wonder about the Gwinnett organization.

The Braves got spanked by the Bats 8-3, but it's minor league baseball so who cares. I got to see a few prospects, hang out in the sun and participate in minor league promotional shenanigans such as throwing tennis balls at kiddie pools in the infield for the chance to win tickets.

I got a team set of the G-Braves for ten bucks. Note to Strasburg collectors: he's in the International League Prospect set. Also ten bucks. I didn't get one because I do not care if Strasburg lives or dies. Here's some players from my team set that contributed in the game:

Freddie Freeman, AKA the guy we're calling up as soon as Troy Glaus' knees go. He looked pretty good out there today. Not Jason Heyward good like the last G-Braves game I saw but solid. He smacked a long solo homer off of Jason Isringhausen to right field. Well, now we know he can hit Major League pitching, even if it's former Major league pitching.

Todd Redmond started the game. He was half dominant (struck out the side in one inning) and getting shelled (homers right and left).  Not sure if you'll be seeing him in the bigs any time soon.

Georgia Bulldog alum Clint Sammons pinch hit in the 7th and bopped another solo homer. He stayed in the game as a third baseman, which I thought was interesting. Maybe they're trying to find him another position since there's a bunch of good catchers coming up in the system. Or maybe the organization is desperate for a third base prospect.

Craig Kimbrel is supposed to take over for Wagner as closer next year. Someone needs to get Wagner to pitch one more year because he didn't look that great. Juan Francisco (Remember the scary guy in National Chicle whose face covered the entire card? That guy) hit a MONSTER homer off the dude. There were a lot of surprising names in this game, see for yourself. Dinged Corners' favorite Micah Owings started the game for the Bats and I had no clue. Thanks shoddy Gwinnett program!

Jair pitched yesterday against the F#%$ing Fish and also got a card in the team set for pitching some rehab games here. They announced that the game was tied in the 8th during the G-Braves game. I figured out a few innings later that the Braves must have lost when they never had a follow up announcement.

It was still a nice day at the ballpark kand you gotta love the '87 Topps ripoff minor league team set.


longlivethewho said...

Ah, Clint Sammons... that's a name I haven't heard in a while.

Ryan said...

Richmond fans dealt with that kind of crap for the last 2 or so years before the Mayor ran them out of town. We also had to deal with chunks of falling concrete from the stadium overhang and 5 dollar cheeseburgers. Now we have the mighty Flying Squirrels.... It's just not the same anymore.

Anonymous said...

Love those cards.

Isringhausen (or however you spell his name) just signed a deal with the Reds, so don't be too hard on him just yet.

threeupdwn said...

I've been in a 1987 Topps mode this past week myself. Visited Louisville and watched the Bats a couple of weeks ago, saw Garry Matthews Jr playing CF.


Anonymous said...

The Redbirds name moved southwest to Memphis when they became the Cards AAA team in 2000