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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jabulani is a knuckleball

At least according to NASA studies:

After analyzing and studying the ball’s behavior and its dynamics, the results show the ball is unpredictable at speeds over 72 km/hr. This situation is aggravated by the light weight of the ball, about 440gr. When it is hit, it has what it is called “knuckle effect”, making it very hard to control.

The US team should have put RA Dickey on the squad as a striker, or at least put Doug Mirabelli in goal.

In summary:

 Good luck keepers...


Captain Canuck said...

not only does the ball act like a knuckleball, but the light weight makes it almost impossible to catch at any speed. Even if it went straight.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

The ball is an extreme diviate from the past soccer balls.

Imagine MLB or the NHL using a pyramid shaped object ... how would that effect the pitching, hitting, shooting ?

If it were any colder in South Africa, NASA might worry about the frozen o-rings inside the ball ...

Anonymous said...

Complaining about the football is as old as the World Cup itself. Apparently the first WC used one football in each half because they couldn't agree which one was better.

Every cup it's the same story: people complained about Teamgeist, Fevernova, Tricolore, ... but each year the keepers and the strikers adapt. I've actually been impressed with the relative number of shots that have stayed beneath the crossbar in this WC, compared with past years.

JD's Daddy said...

and the refs are the equivelant of knuckleheads.