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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Playing Games

Anyone remember these?

Cadaco All-Star baseball discs! This one here is pretty high-falootin' what with a picture on the front and...

STATS on the back! My first game had blank yellow discs with a name and a circle of random numbers and we liked it. Stick the disc in the spinner, and spin! Then... spin again, it was on a line. Oh hell naw Mike Schmidt didn't just strike out (nudge) double! That's more like it.

Created by major leaguer Ethan Allen, the game was sold for over 50 years before royalties and marketing made it unprofitable, and therefore gone even though it was one of the most well known baseball games of all time. Hmmm... I wonder why children don't care about baseball any more. Couuldn't be because the MLB chose greed over building a fan base. The game is still well remembered by old geezers like me and thanks to the interwebs you can find lots of neat info on the discs. You can even buy up to date teams! Or if $250 is a pit pricey for a season set, get creative and make your own. I wish I knew what I did with my set. I miss my Babe Ruth disk with the 1 section the size of a Buick.


FanOfReds said...

I forgot all about that game - but I too loved it as a kid. And yeah, Ruth's home run spot was "sick" as the kids would say now.

Casey said...

I played that game until I discovered Strat-o-Matic and then my 13 year old social life essentially ended for the next five years.

The key to Cadaco was a good spinner; there was nothing more frustrating than giving the spinner a hearty flick only to have it go 1/4".

Thorzul said...

Wish I knew where mine went to. It was probably a 1987 or 1988 edition. My brain is telling me B.J. Sufhoff got in many a lineup back then.

I can picture everything now, down to the score sheet and the baserunner pegs that probably don't fit into the base holes any more because of use. I need to hunt around my parents' house next time I'm there.

deal said...

my neighbor had the game - pretty cool stuff.

I on the other hand had the Avalon Hill-Status-Pro game. I had like th3 1978 or 1979 season.

Thorzul said...

Deal, did your neighbor have the game? Was it pretty cool stuff?

What other type of game did you have, and what year was it from?

dayf said...

Statis-Pro was superior to all the rest simply because you could make your own player cards. There's an innocent simplicity to flicking the spinner though.