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Monday, July 5, 2010

It's not a bug, it's a feature

There's been some consternation on the blogosphere about miscut cards in Topps' products lately.

Especially the reprint or vintage looking cards seem to have a high amount of miscut issues.

If you look carefully, the same cards seem to be miscut in the same ways.

Even cards like this Rivera are anachronistically miscut with a bit of white on the edge, something that would never happen on a real 2001 card.

You see, Topps is doing this on purpose as a throwback to the good old days when card manufacturing was a litte more lax and not as highly technologically advanced as it is today. Stuff like this happened back then, it wasn't a big deal. You just got used to it.

It's 1980 all over again folks... time to get used to it.


Sal said...

If it's 1980 all over again, then I want to pay only 25 cents for a pack of cards.

--David said...

Amen, Sal!

Anonymous said...

And get a stick of gum!

paulie3jobs said...

No competition = No quality control.