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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spain Vs Germany

Honestly, I think whoever wins this game wins the Cup. So obviously, you should bet everything on the Dutch right now. I snagged some more Panini sticker singles from ASC yesterday afternoon. I picked out as many Spainish and German stickers as I could find. Here's the haul:

Spain wins the sticker battle 9-4. Who will win the game today?


Fuji said...

I agree... whoever wins today will win the World Cup. I'm pulling for Spain... but Germany has dominated every team they've played. Plus... every team I go for loses (1st U.S., then Mexico, after that Japan... then finally Ghana).

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Panini Spain set is one of the teams that actually feature players used during the World Cup.

Robbie Rogers ? WTF ?

The Germans went through 3 goalkeepers (2 in the set) - none of which played.

The Panini Adrenalyn cards are pretty acurate.